Posted by: Mark D. Jones | August 1, 2009

Photos – Spangdahlem AB, Germany – 1983-1987 (Set Two – Zaragoza AB, Spain, WTD)


  1. My husband, David, was also a Warhawk from 1978-1981, prior to his Homestead tour and your tour at Spang. We lived in the village of Landscheid for a year and moved into base housing for the remainder of his tour.

    • Patricia,

      Those were very famous Warhawk years from the stories I’ve heard! I started out in the 23rd TFS ‘Fighting Hawks’ and went down the street to the 480th TFS ‘Great Warhawk Nation’ during the great squadron swap in the fall of ’83 soon after I arrived. I hope the photos and memories I’ve captured of those days bring your memories back to life as well, and show you a little of what happened after you left for Homestead AFB! On-base housing was never available during any of my assignments in USAFE, and it was very special to live on the economy for all those years! :)



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