Welcome To My World!

Welcome to my world!  As I start my first ever blog, I feel like the proverbial blind man in a dark room attempting to find my way around in my new environment.  The technology is all new, the universe within the technology is new, and my starting point here is reminiscent of the original “Big Bang” (at least in my own mind) and the only direction for it to escape is in all directions at once.  Bear with me as I find my own way here.  I feel like an embryo multiplying cells upon cells as my universe here expands…I’m blogging!  What is this “Brave new World” going to look and feel like?  Well, it’s a work in progress – much like me.  My thoughts race on towards infinite possibilities, however, the theme of this work is “Life, Love and the Human Condition.”  Climb aboard and travel with me into the blogging future…perhaps at a snail’s pace initially as I learn to crawl as a first time blogger…but eventually I’ll learn my way around this newly created universe and you will see how it all starts to come together.  Thanks for being here – all aboard!  This train is now leaving the station!

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