Life, Love and the Human Condition

When I wrote the first draft of my autobiography, In search of the Meaning of Life back in 1994, I wrote down a phrase that I still use today and also used to title this blog page.  The phrase is Life, Love and the Human Condition.  At first the words defined what I saw as a synopsis of our lives here on the planet earth.  We live, we love and we endure or exist throughout our journey from birth to death.  Everything in our lives fits into this phrase, perhaps not very neatly at times, but everything is in there.

The three terms Life, Love and the Human Condition also set categories or goals for our existence while we are alive.  We desire Life; we desire Love; and we would like to improve our state or quality of living or Human Condition for ourselves and for everyone around us.  So as we think about or contemplate or ponder (I like that word) our existence, almost any subject or situation finds a home in this short phrase.  One thing that I always like to do when pondering, is to go back to the dictionary to define the various terms that I’m pondering about.  In this case I’ll go to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, to define parts of these three terms:

Life – Wikipedia discusses the “organic definitions of life” as well as the “philosophical question concerning the purpose and significance of human existence.”  I like to think about life in terms of our being alive not from the biological processes that enable this to be so, but from the perspective that we have life within us.  We are a vessel in which life has come to us to live in us – a temple in which it dwells.  It is this vessel of ours through which we nurture and protect this life within us – this most precious gift of ours.

Love – Wikipedia defines love in terms of  “a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment.”  I think of love as a gift given to us by our creator that at once is supernatural and beyond our understanding, but at the same time it is physical and organic – something we believe in through faith, something emotional that can inspire the entire range of human emotions, and something physical that can actually cause us heartbreak and pain.  Love therefore has three distinct components: supernatural or theological, emotional and physical.  Through faith, we can believe in love as a doctrine of life.

Human Condition – Wikipedia talks about the human condition as “encompassing all of the experience of being human.”  For me I often dwell in the philosophical part of our existence.  I also spend time in the theological and spiritual portions of our experience.  I contemplate the myriad emotions of our individual and cumulative trials and tribulations.  I exist in the physical realmof what is our Human Condition.  Our Human Condition is at once static and fluid; one dimension and multi-dimensional; ethereal and grounded; understandable and unknown

The more I contemplate Life, Love and the Human Condition; I have come to understand that this simple phrase represents something that is much more and greater than the individual terms and definitions.  The meaning of this phrase is deeper and more profound than anything else that I know.  It defines everything about where we have come from, why we are here and where we are going.  The answer or key to knowing this simple phrase, Life, Love and the Human Condition – is Jesus.   Jesus is Life Jesus is Love.  Through obedience to the Father Jesus was made man.  He lived our existence and experienced our human conditions.  He was both 100% God and 100% man at the same time, in one being – sharing both our world and His.  Through becoming man, Jesus has taken on the experience of our Human Condition.  Jesus knows it and He understands it because He has walked in our shoes, walking the walk, and showing us how to both live and love – simply, purely and perfectly.  On the Cross He reconciled us to the Father by taking our sins upon Himself – giving us the Faith and Hope of being one with Jesus, The Holy Spirit and the Father, three in one,  at the conclusion of our experience that we call – Life, Love and the Human Condition.


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