Live, Love, Think, Exist

When I started this blog I needed to come up with a username in order to get started.  Not knowing just where this blogging venture would ultimately take me, I thought that I’d just string together a few key words that had significant meaning to me.  It wasn’t until after establishing the blog that I found out that would be the official address.  In fact I couldn’t even find my own blog very well on my own.  I had to ask my son (kids know everything about technology these days) how to easily navigate to my own page, and in about 5 seconds he showed me.  🙂  I’m glad the next generation is fully equipped to work with this new and evolving technology, because I’m barely keeping my head above water with it!  Don’t even ask me if I know how to use a camera phone…because I don’t.

At first I thought, that’s an awkward site address to use – no one will find it on the internet!  The more I thought about it the more I actually liked it – and here’s why.  First of all, most people will find this site from a simple Google search, which is one of the most amazing wonders of the modern world.  To query Google for a piece of information and get hundreds of thousands of results instantly is beyond my ability to even fathom.  Secondly, once someone finds this blog all they have to do is save it under their favorites or email the link to someone.

So the fact that my blog has a long site address doesn’t concern me in the least.  What I actually think about it is that anyone who is interested in what I discuss here will appreciate the thought behind the site address.  My readers have to be Thinkers and Ponderers, or what I discuss won’t interest them at all.  They also have to be Dreamers, Adventurers, Poets, Readers and Children at Heart – otherwise they wouldn’t enjoy the many future Sam the Tugboat stories that I will write and post here or read the chapters of Jonathan’s Dream, which takes place in a far different world than what he was expecting.  My readers have to be Musicians or they wouldn’t be interested in the 200 original and copyrighted songs that I’ll soon start posting online.  Folks who read this blog will be interested in topics I call From the Heart, concerning Love and Passion – but from a spiritual and cerebral sense, not physical – so everything posted here will be friendly for all ages and backgrounds.  My readers will have an interest in Community and Personal Fulfillment – topics concerning both the individual and the greater social fabric that surrounds us.  My blog will attract people who are interested in Business and Organizational Theory – how to nurture organizations into a more productive common effort.  There is no limit to the variety of topics that I’ll post here, usually something new every day or every other day, that will allow them to check in with a cup of coffee or tea and spend a moment reflecting on the world around them with me!  🙂

In a word my readers will be a lot like me…(now that’s a scary thought!)…Inquisitive, Open Minded, Practical, Common Sensical, Folksy, Good Hearted, Spiritual, Dependable, Reliable, Free Thinkers, and Community Minded.  But if you discover this site and don’t think that you are any of these things, fear not – everyone is welcome!  You may just discover something new about life or about yourself or about me that will give you too a chance to pause and ponder, to look out at the distant horizon and wonder what is on the other side, to smell a flower or return a smile, or decide to read a children’s story to a young child.  In the end this blog is for you – my readers.  It is also for me as it is very therapeutic and provides an “official” excuse for my many ponderings.  Years ago in school my mind was often a million miles away as I gazed out of the window into the far corner of my imagination.  Now I can share those thoughts with you also.

In a partnership with my readers, anything that I post on this site is for your reading pleasure.  You can copy it, you can mail it, you can collect it, you can scrapbook it, you can give it to a friend, you can talk about it in school or do anything with it you like.  If you’re a musician and like the song lyrics and chord structures that I post here, you’re free to play the song – however you choose to interpret it – to your heart’s content.  Because, in the end, life is all about a contented heart.  It’s about self satisfaction and self discovery.  It’s about doing your best for yourself and for everyone around you.  It is to Love and Serve God.  The only thing that I ask of you is that if you like something I’ve written here – share it with a friend.  And when you do, simply say that it came from this blog, and don’t profit from it in a monetary sense – only from an intellectual basis.  My life is now an open book for the world to see and read about.  There is no income generated here – just a passion to share with you what I think is important in our world – the Truth as I understand it to be.  So readers, I want you to Live with Passion, Love with Commitment, Think with all of Your Ability, and Exist with an Essence, Vitality and Joy that oozes from every fiber of your being.  Or as Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, offers:  Cogito, ergo sum“I think, therefore I am” by René Descartes , and “Carpe diem” – “Seize the Day” a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace.


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