Just Slow Down – Update One

Part of the experience of writing this blog and putting my life and work, “on the line” so to speak, for the world to read – is being totally honest.  So, I’ll try to follow that rule of mine to a fault.

Since I started this “brave new world” of online blogging, things have been almost overwhelming at times.  There was this new WordPress software and technology to figure out; there was the actual mechanical process of writing and posting these blog entries (which I really love to do); and there was the actual time involved that this entire process took.  It just so happens that in the meantime – life continues on.  Besides my new blog technology issues; my day job has gotten busier (which is a good thing – these days especially); minor irritants in life can rear their ugly head when I actually allow them to – like a printer at work acting up; I’ve got a plugged up sinus issue (allergies) that I’m working on to fix at the moment; and I’ve got new “progressive” lenses in my glasses that I’ve been trying to “get right” – they’re making my fourth pair as we speak – over a two month time frame (proofreading and editing doesn’t work very well when you can’t see the text clearly!); and there are various other projects I’m working on around the house, in the garden and with the neighborhood association – all going on at the same time…and more.

So, I’ve decided to take some of my own advice here – and I’m just going to slow down.  I’ve let you, my readers down a bit, because in all of this process of writing and trying to adapt to the new blog technology, I couldn’t get the blog software spell check feature to work correctly – it froze my computer up a few times trying to do a simple spell check.  So because I “didn’t have time” to figure everything out and figure out what the problem was, I relied on my old friend Google to check the words I wasn’t sure of, by pasting them into the search window, and I just looked everything else over as carefully as I could – with my “double vision” progressive lenses.  My head was exploding from things that I wanted to write about and get converted into electrons on the “virtual page” for my blog – and I didn’t want that creativity to wither away on the vine.  I’m usually very good at “stiff arming” (to borrow a football phrase) life when it gets too busy, and focusing on only the things that interest me – but things sort of snowballed on me ever since I started the blog.

So in this inability to get everything perfectly figured out, I pressed ahead.  I know there are some typos here and there, and although I’m embarrassed professionally by them – I admit that I’m also human!  However, I finally figured it all out – I think.  I’ll be doing my work in Microsoft Word first, as I am now, and when finished I’ll paste the article into my blog.  The spell check feature in Word works great and this process should be easy for me to adapt to.  Besides I can save my work at home too.  Also, I asked WordPress to help me out with a few answers and they were excellent – responding to my questions right away.  Sometimes you need time to be able to understand what question(s) to ask first, before you can get the right answer(s).

So the end result is – I’m going to just slow down.  I’ve “racked and stacked” a bunch of things that I want to talk about, but first I’m going to go back through and check everything I’ve done so far.  Tonight I did the “Beginnings” folder, and I’ll just work my way on down the Categories list.  Once I’m happy with what I’ve already done, I’ll start on some new topics.  After that if you, as my reader, see a typo or just want to discuss something further off-line – just send me an email at: mark.d.jones  @cox.net (the space is to prevent automatic spammers – close the gap when sending an email to me) – I’d appreciate knowing where I messed up…and I’ll fix it right away.  I’m attempting to take my own ego out of this entire process – which isn’t always an easy thing to attempt to do.

Another key thing I’ve learned this week – to take another page from my own advice – is to try to listen to God “harder” and stay quiet enough to hear Him.  I’m Roman Catholic, and this week I attended a seminar with my wife on prayer and healing.  I’m trying to listen harder to understand God in this very special area of life.  I always thought, “If God wants me to pray for the sick and use me in His capacity somehow, then He’ll make that known to me somehow, someway.”  Because it’s been on my heart now for years, perhaps He’s already done that – and I just haven’t spent enough time listening for my answer.  I’ve decided in the meantime to go ahead and just do His work the best way that I can figure it out for the moment, at where I am in my walk with Him at this time, in this current place that I am, and with my incomplete understanding of exactly what His Will is for my life.  If God wants to use me as His instrument, in a healing way or process through prayer for His people – then so be it.  Jesus said to pray in His name and it would be done – so that’s what I’m going to do.  So today I started a prayer list that I carry with me, and in my quiet times I pray for healing for a number of folks that I know.  This is just me doing what I think I should do in the “here and now.”

In many respects, my readers are now “people that I know” as well – in a spiritual sense.  If you have any specific prayer requests, just email them to me as well and I’ll add them to my list.  Don’t give me any specific details – I don’t want to be privy to any detailed information about anyone.  Just send me their first name, their relationship to you (sibling, parent, friend, etc.) and the issue that they are dealing with.  God knows all the other details and will connect the dots and fill in the blanks when receiving a prayer request for healing.  Through Him all things are possible – and it’s important for us to have a childlike faith and just know that it is true – because Jesus told us.  That’s good enough for me!

The bottom line with prayer, I believe is: that you first need the depth of faith and belief; then you need the personal discernment to understand if this is something that you are being called to do; you need the maturity to actually do it; and finally, the humility to remove yourself from any recognition, reimbursement, selfish perspective(s), or any prideful attributes that would bring attention to yourself – and away from God.  If I am to be God’s instrument in this process, then let all Honor and Glory go to God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit that works in God’s people to accomplish all things.  May the Heavenly Host and all the Angels in Heaven assist me in this work – if it is Your Will Lord.  Amen.


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  1. Editor’s Note: I’m glad that you enjoy visiting – I’ll try to mix up the material to keep it interesting. In the meantime, have a cup of coffee or tea, pull up a chair, relax and stay as long as you want – there’s no closing time here!



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