Original Song – “Hold Out For The Dawn”

Hold Out For The Dawn was written on the guitar and is rather up tempo and can be played slow to start and rather fast to finish.  It has the urgency of someone who is at wits end, with the symbology of someone about to drown or dry up in the desert – except the real theme is the fallen world around us.  The singer is pleading for salvation for the fallen world and the only answer is in Jesus Christ.  The singer equates the salvation of Christ to a life ring thrown to a drowning man or someone that is lost struggling to be found – for both them self and for the world.  The guitar chord Esus4* has the asterisk because it is slightly modified.  My guitar is put away right now, but I’m sure that only the top two strings of the three that are normally depressed to make the chord are held down – the other four remain open.  It is still an Esus4 – but not only is it easier to play, I think it gives a slight modification to the chord’s sound that I liked.  The melody remains flat along the first line, and then rises falls and rises again on the second line.  The chorus goes downhill as far as melody goes.  I like to think of song lyrics as complete entities all to them self, sort of like poetry, telling a story or making a point that can stand alone.  Good song lyrics could be published without the chords or music as literature that stands alone.  The (x3) notation at the end of the verses and chorus denotes that the line is to be repeated three times.  I suppose that the type of rock music today that would equate to this song when played well would be U2 – with Edge keeping a consistent rhythm throughout the verses and cutting loose into the chorus.  As a songwriter…it is my option to dream big dreams!  🙂

"You Get What You Pray For", Collected Works Volume XIII, Copyright 1992, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

“Hold Out For The Dawn” – “You Get What You Pray For”, Collected Works Volume XIII, Copyright 1992, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Hold Out For The Dawn

“You Get What You Pray For” – Collected Works Volume XIII, Copyright 1992, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Verse I:

E                                Esus4*

Where do you go when life around you

E                  Esus4*

Seems to fall apart

E                                        Esus4*

Where do you look when the world around you

E                           Esus4*

Slowly breaks your heart

E                            Esus4*

What do you do and where do you go

  E                      Esus4*

Is anywhere safe today

     E                     Esus4*

I’m watchin’ as the world around me

E                 Esus4*

Slowly fades away     (x3)


         G     A           E

As we slide into the dark     (x3)

D     A  E

Hold on to the light

D                 A           E

Don’t let the darkness come

D     A         E

Hold on with all your might

D           A        E

Hold out for the Dawn     (x3)

Verse 2:

E                     Esus4*

Stranded in the desert sun

E                        Esus4*

Without a drop to drink

E                 Esus4*

Cast off in a lifeboat

          E                   Esus4*

As the ship begins to sink

E                          Esus4*

We are the victims in the world

     E                         Esus4*

As man tears himself apart

E              Esus4*

Lookin’ all around me

E                         Esus4*

Slowly breaks my heart     (x3)

Verse 3:

     E                      Esus4*

I’m reachin’ out for somethin’

E              Esus4*

That I can understand

     E                    Esus4*

I’m holdin’ on to a golden Cross

       E                 Esus4*

Held tightly in my hands

E                            Esus4*

Please Lord will you give me

      E                                  Esus4*

The strength of your guiding light

E                  Esus4*

Lord give me Salvation

      E                   Esus4*

And save my soul tonight     (x3)

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