My Material, Content, Views and Opinion Alone – Full Disclosure

To all of my readers,

In light of today’s Wall Street Journal article (Thursday, April 23, 2009), “Paid to Pitch: Product Reviews By Bloggers Draw Scrutiny” by Miguel Bustillo and Ann Zimmerman, I disclose that all content on this blog is 100% my own original material, content, views and opinion; unless otherwise quoted as a source document as in the referenced and credited article above.  No one has ever paid me a penny to express my personal views, or offered a product or service in exchange for my personal commentary.  I don’t endorse products and have no commercial ties to any company or individual.  What you read on this site consists of original material written by me, Mark D. Jones, and I am the only individual that has access to the content of this blog.  What you get is unfiltered content and opinion by yours truly – Mark D. Jones – so help me God.

Thank you for your loyalty as a reader, and I make it my personal duty to bring you the very best original content that I can produce, in hopes that it may in some small way, enhance your life in ways that will help you to live, love, think, exist to the very best and most authentic life that you are able to achieve.

Cheers and thank you again for stopping by!



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