Announcement – Future Game Plan

Here’s the game plan for the way ahead for this blog.  I’ve completed my Autobiography through Chapter 7 at this point and now it’s time to start a rotation of topics once again.  For the next couple of weeks I’m going to begin to catch up on some other topics.  I will continue Jonathan’s Dream and finish posting what’s remaining for both Organizational Aerodynamics and Nurturing Organizational Growth.

I’ll also continue again with my online novel, Portraits of Life.  You haven’t missed anything at this point because nothing further has been written.  I have pondered where these characters will go and what might happen to them in the future, and I’ve decided that eventually they will interact with each other and their lives will all somehow meet up, but I’m not certain yet as to how that will all happen for everyone.  So stay tuned!

Then, as Advent is less than six months away now, and Christmas four weeks afterwards, I’m going to start posting the Christmas Songs that I’ve written in order to have them all posted online by Advent.  In many respects, the Christmas songs I’ve written have some of my favorite lyrics, as they tell the story of Jesus’ birth from various different perspectives.

Eventually, I’ll take the DAT (Digital Audio Tape) versions that I have of my songs and transfer them to individual CD tracks so that the simple demo versions of my original songs that I’ve made will be available for any musician to listen to.  They will then have the lyrics, chords and melodies of each song available to them to study and play if they wish.  That may happen eventually, but not until my backlog of historical material has been posted and I’m all caught up to the present day – whenever that will be.  I give credit to a friend of mine at work who is a great music lover, an excellent singer and an avid Frank Sinatra fan, for suggesting that I must eventually put the audio version of my songs online…so despite my inadequacies as a performer and a singer (and there are many, many of them), as a songwriter I would like to have the melodies available for all to use – because as a musician, I would find them invaluable if I wanted to play one of the songs I’ve written.  I think this is what I meant about making myself vulnerable…

Towards the end of June I have the time to start a new project, and I’ll start scanning my photo albums into the computer so that I can post photos that are relevant to my autobiography.  I won’t post anything in advance of the actual storyline (except for the Gulf War photos that have already been posted), but I’ll post the photos as the autobiography unfolds.  All in all, starting after the July 4th holiday weekend, I’ll then go back to a complete rotation of topics and photos, so that I can get everything online in equal measures and at a uniform pace.  That way, both you and I get to sample many different things on a regular basis, and I’ll even go back to writing original articles about whatever comes to mind from the pile of topics that I have “racked and stacked” just for that purpose!  🙂

I’ve had time to “ponder” where I’ve come now with this blog, and to think about where it is ultimately going.  Of course every author would someday like to be published, but there is something very profound for me that I discussed in the article, “Expecting Nothing In Return.”  I like the freedom and the expression of posting everything online for free.  I think the internet is the very future of publishing itself anyway – everything will eventually go online and Google will have it all at your fingertips for your reading pleasure where and when you want it.  There is a great amount of authenticity involved in this process.  There is a certain honesty in putting one’s life online, “warts and all.”  This blog will always be rated “PG” because I won’t put anything here that a child couldn’t read for themselves.  The Truth is a very organic approach to life.  Someday, I will no longer be here, and the record can stand as I have written it to the best of my ability for potentially a long time afterwards.  So the ultimate aim of this blog is the Truth, to document how I’ve both lived and viewed life, as but one person of billions of human beings to have experienced the privilege.  In this way, when that final day does come, announced or unannounced as it may be, the result of this effort will be the story of a single life, a single person, who looked for both truth and meaning in what he called, “Life, Love and the Human Condition.”     




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