In Search of the Meaning of Life – An Autobiography (Chapter Seven, Part Seven – The U.S. Bike Trip Continues)

Tuesday, October 26, 1976     Day 35     70 Miles, Total: 1255 Miles     $10.10, Total: $298.79

We got up at 8:00 a.m., and Bruce said that Dave’s alarm had gone off at 6:00 a.m., but I hadn’t heard it.  Once I do get to sleep, I sleep like a log.  So we packed our things up, said goodbye to Jan, and rode on.  We saw some other bikers that were riding to Florida, and they said that the local YMCA was a good place to have breakfast, so we tried it out.  We ordered eggs, sausage and pancakes for each of us, but the waitress got the order wrong and only brought one order.  She probably didn’t think that we could eat that much.  We decided not to argue, and I ate the eggs and sausage while Bruce ate the pancakes and paid $2.60.  After cashing a check downtown, we rode south on Highway 401, and had a second breakfast of pancakes and sausage for $4.00.  After continuing on south with a tail wind for about 15 miles, we stopped at a Tastee Freeze for ice cream and spent $1.50.  Then after another 15 miles, we happened across a Hardee’s and had a milkshake and a Coke each for a total of $2.00.  With our eating behind us, we got down to business and made excellent progress all the way into Fayetteville, NC.  We bought a twelve pack of Michelob to celebrate, and went over to Dave and Bren’s house.  Dave is Bruce’s brother and is stationed here at Fort Bragg in the Army.  Dave was home, and Bren came home a while later, only to be surprised at the door by Bruce.  We had a good party that night, along with Roger and Bob, two of Dave’s friends from the Army.  Dave and Bren have a nine month old son named Chad, who is a really neat little kid.  All for now.

Wednesday, October 27 through Monday, November 7, 1976     0 Miles, Total: 1255     $91.00, Total: $389.79

Visited with Dave and Bren for 13 days.

(1994 Editorial Comment:  We were very happy to have reached Fayetteville, and for the chance to stay with Bruce’s brother’s family.  This was just like being home again for us, and it was our second “oasis” on the trip so far, and the first break in the journey since Louisville.  The weather was nice, and we concentrated on relaxing and enjoying ourselves.  We saw the Freedom Train in Raleigh, and visited Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base.  We also bought two pairs of new Levis, had Bruce’s boots resoled, and bought two machetes.  We thought the machetes would come in handy some day.  This was also my first exposure to military life, as Dave had to keep working while we were there.  At Fort Bragg there were soldiers marching and running in formation while singing Army songs and helicopters flying in the air.  Pope Air Force Base had large airlift aircraft to watch, and we got to see Raleigh in style, without the bikes.  All in all, those 13 days were very relaxing and enjoyable, and Dave and Bren’s hospitality was very much appreciated.)


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