Photos – U.S. Bike Trip – 1976-1977 (Set One – Michigan to Ohio)

Bruce and I didn’t take many photos during our great bicycle adventure around the United States back in 1976-1977, because we didn’t have a budget for taking pictures and developing film.  After the trip was over, the few pictures that we did take were passed around for folks to look at – and most of them were accidentally lost somewhere along the way.  So the pictures that I’ll post here over a series of articles are the only photos or color photocopies of photos that I still have, and some of the color photocopies of the original photos are in poor condition after being stored away for 32 years.

In the end, life is unpredictable and “stuff happens;” so although it would be nice to look at the original photos – it’s the memories that count in the end.  I kept a log book of our bike trip that is part of my autobiography, “In Search of the Meaning of Life” – which holds those memories for me.  I’ve created a separate category on the blog called “Bike Trips,” where I keep my log book entries and the photos from my bike trips available for quick access without having to sift back through everything else.

So the photos and color photocopies of photos that I do have remaining, will have to suffice in giving you the “flavor” of our adventure regardless.  After all, a picture really is worth a thousand words – or even more.  As I look back on what I call “The Great Adventure,” it was the beginning of the rest of my life, having consciously made the decision to step off of the well worn path of life and take the “road less traveled.”

That momentous decision from 33 years ago in early 1976 to leave school and chart my own course in life, was the most significant decision that I ever made – and profoundly influenced the rest of my life – right up to today.  After all, it is your life that you’re living and no one else’s…and you only get one chance to live it.  In the end, I wouldn’t have changed anything in my life; and given a chance – I’d only try to do a better job at accomplishing the things that I attempted to achieve in life.  Because despite the mistakes I’ve made in life trying to get the details right, I have lived the life that I wanted to live and wouldn’t have changed a thing…because it was the life that I chose to live!

So now, without further adieu, enjoy the show!  🙂




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