Photos – Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA – 1982 (Set One – Navigator Training)


6 thoughts on “Photos – Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA – 1982 (Set One – Navigator Training)

  1. NIce pictures. I was a nav student at Mather in 1982 – 1983 and enjoyed seeing the old sites. Miss it. I too was assigned to the 452nd and then the 455th. Lived on Camino Colegio (forgot the name of the apts) and later moved to Merced for the first OAS class at Castle for B-52’s.


    • Charles,

      Thanks for checking in! 🙂 Our time throughout our Air Force careers were special for us in so many different ways. I’m glad to have posted the photos from Mather AFB, to be able to allow all of us to walk down memory lane for a moment and re-live those days. As an instructor at Mather AFB, it was an honor to have prepared so many young aviators to safely and professionally accomplish the demanding requirements of the challenging years that were to follow.



  2. Great memories. I was in NAV/EWO training in ’84-’85, then back again as an instructor from ’90-’93 (turned off the lights). I miss the old “Nav Base”. Randolph just isn’t the same. Great memories of the O’Club, T-37s & T-43s, the 453rd EWO Sq, and the adventure of “1st flight training”.
    Thanks again.

    • Paul,

      Mather AFB was an amazing place as both a student and as an instructor for those of us that experienced it! I remember it all like it was yesterday and the pictures bring it right back! I hope your AF career was as rewarding as mine was, Paul…thanks for sharing!



    • Thank you very much for the offer, Henderson, but I’m not on FB – sorry. I hope my pictures allowed you to take a walk down memory lane and remember how special the opportunity was for us all to be there during our careers! Best of luck with your FB group!



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