Photos – Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA – 1987-1989 (Set Five – The 455th FTS and My Squadron Art)


2 thoughts on “Photos – Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA – 1987-1989 (Set Five – The 455th FTS and My Squadron Art)

  1. Mark,

    We are standing up the 455 FTS at NAS Pensacola on 2 Oct 09. Do you have any info that you can pass on (i.e. Sq name, motto, history, etc.) Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Mike,

    It’s excellent to see the Air Force bring back the great squadrons from the past and keep the traditions alive. I was able to find two Wikipedia articles on the 455th Flying Training Squadron: One is on the 323rd Air Expeditionary Wing, which later became the 323rd Flying Training Wing at Mather AFB, mentions the 455th FTS. There is one paragraph that describes Mather AFB as it was set up during my time there. The other Wikipedia article is on Mather Air Force Base History – which contains similar information. I would think that the Air Force Historian’s Office would give you all that you need to know. Contact the Air Force Public Affairs office and they should be able to make all the introductions for you to who you need to talk to. I think the Air Force gives the new squadron commander the squadron memorabilia that was stored when the squadron was deactivated. In my day we deactivated a lot of squadrons, and all of the memorabilia was packed and sent to the Air Force for storage. Good luck – and keep me posted on your progress. I’ll also send you an email under separate cover. The 455th FTS had the greatest scarf design as well!



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