Photos – Spangdahlem AB, Germany – 1983-1987 (Set Seventy Two – From George AFB, CA, Enroute to Nellis AFB, NV, for Green Flag)

After a week or so at George AFB, the 480th TFS “Warhawks” re-deployed from George AFB, CA, to Nellis AFB, NV.  These photos of an F-4G were taken enroute to Nellis AFB over the Mojave Desert, while looking north towards Death Valley.  I’m going to skip the individual photo captions in this set and let these photos of an F-4G Phantom II over the desert speak for themselves.  I never did take any photos while at Nellis AFB for the second half of this deployment, because the Green Flag mission planning, briefing, flying and debriefing took all of my time.  So enjoy the photos of “Warhawks” over the wild Mojave Desert, and the views of Death Valley!




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