Photos – Spangdahlem AB, Germany – 1983-1987 (Set Seventy Six – The Fast Ferry From Copenhagen, Denmark, to Malmo, Sweden)

We decided to take the “fast ferry” to Malmo, Sweden, on a quiet Sunday morning during our weekend visit to Copenhagen.  This was long before the European E20 “Oresund Bridge” and “Drogden Tunnel” were built, linking Denmark and Sweden, between the cities of Copenhagen and Malmo.  As I recall, the ferry took about an hour to cross the “Oresund Sound” which is the strait of water between Denmark and Sweden.  The ferry itself was a trimaran with three hulls that lifted the ferry out of the water at high speed.  The pictures below were taken during the ferry ride and really speak for themself, describing a beautiful Scandinavian day on the water.     


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