Photos – Spangdahlem AB, Germany – 1983-1987 (Set Seventy Eight – Zaragoza AB, Spain)

These photos are from another training deployment to Zaragoza AB (Air Base), Spain, from Spangdahlem AB, Germany.  The enroute photographs of F-4G’s were taken over France and Spain.  You can see how the Spanish terrain looks very similar to that of our own desert southwest in America.  As we approach Zaragoza AB, the details on the ground become clearer as we begin the actual approach phase into the base – our “home away from home” in Spain for the next 30 days.  In the pictures you can see the details of a Spanish city, and a lake that I believe is the reservoir that is due north of Zaragoza along the A-23 highway.  You can see another two ship formation of Phantoms below us at a lower altitude as they begin their own separate formation approach into Zaragoza AB.  Once on the ramp at Zaragoza AB, my pilot’s photo is first – followed by mine as the last photo of this set.  Enjoy the photos of 480th TFS “Warhawk” F-4G Phantoms doing what they do best – fly!




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