Photos – Spangdahlem AB, Germany – 1983-1987 (Set Ninety One – The Way Ahead)

I’ve finished posting all of my 480th TFS “Great Warhawk Nation” photos from trips that I took with the squadron while stationed at Spangdahlem AB, Germany, during the years 1983-1987.  I wanted the photos posted and available for Zimo to use as he’s currently making a Warhawk movie.  However, there’s plenty more photos to follow, as I continue to upload material for your reading and viewing pleasure.  In case you missed Set Twenty, I’m reposting the video links to the various existing online Warhawk videos that I’m aware of for you to watch.  Make sure you go to Zimo’s Warhawk movie trailer, as it is well worth your time to watch and has a U2 music soundtrack to it.  From watching these various videos you can begin to get a feel for an earlier time and place – and begin to experience what it was like to be in the Great Warhawk Nation all those many years ago…


The blue link will take you directly to Zimo’s Great Warhawk Nation movie trailer for the Warhawk movie he’s creating.  The green link takes you directly to a F-4G/F-16 YouTube video of Warhawks flying the Wild Weasel mission in the 480th TFS just after the F-16’s joined the squadron at Spangdahlem AB, Germany:     (This direct link takes you to a brief Warhawk movie trailer for the movie Zimo is currently making.)     (This is the F-4G/F-16 YouTube video of 480th TFS Warhawks flying the Wild Weasel mission with the F-16 replacing the F-4E.)

For the YouTube videos below – just copy the red links and paste them into a Google search window and you’re ready to experience what life was like in “The Great Warhawk Nation” back in the early 1980’s:

Warhawks – High on You     (This clip is of 480th TFS Warhawk jets launching and landing at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, in 1984.)

480TFS VLD     (This clip is of 480th TFS Warhawks flying at Bardenas Range, Spain, in 1984.)

warhawks christmas     (This clip is at the 480th TFS Children’s Christmas Party in 1983, where Santa arrives at the squadron in an F-4G.)

Gimme my wings     (This clip is a spoof of Undergraduate Navigator Training at Mather AFB, CA, that was made by a fellow Warhawk who was also an instructor there at the same time with me.)     (This web site sells merchandise with fighter squadron logos on everything from T-shirts to wall clocks.  It’s full of ACC, USAFE and NATO fighter squadron logos, and customized merchandise is available as well – for those squadrons that haven’t added their logos to the inventory yet.  Just type “fighter squadrons” in their product search window.)


Those first four years at Spangdahlem Air Base (AB), Germany, were a very busy time.  I tried to use every opportunity to go see someplace new every chance I could – and usually had my camera with me.  Essentially, my life has always been on the go and really has been, ever since I left on my first 8,000 mile bicycle adventure around America back in 1976.  So here’s the game plan for the way ahead on this blog that I call, Life, Love and the Human Condition:

First of all, I’ve only scratched the surface, as far as posting my writings and photos online for your reading and viewing pleasure.  But before I put any new material on the site, I’ll go back and fill in the photo captions starting with Set Twenty Nine and work my way to the end.  This takes time, but fortunately with the aid of Google Images and Wikipedia, I’m able to research and identify today what I took pictures of years ago.  After the photo captions are finished, I’ll continue with new photos and then go back to a regular posting of my writings and commentary.  It will probably take a couple of years to upload all of my photos; my autobiography that I call, “In Search of the Meaning of Life;” my adventure novel called, “Jonathan’s Dream;” original song lyrics; “Sam the Tugboat” children’s stories; and continue work on my online novel, “Portraits of Life.”  So there will always be new material for you to peruse – well into the future.

My wife and I were married in 1986, and as the years went by my photos transitioned to mostly the local areas where we lived in Germany and England; as well as our vacations and trips back in the States.  After I complete posting photos from these four years at Spangdahlem AB, then I’ll post photos from a second Spangdahlem AB assignment, followed by: Hahn AB, Germany, and the Gulf War; RAF Upper Heyford, England, where I flew F-111E’s with the 79th FS “NATO Tigers;” Ramstein AB, Germany, where I was assigned to the 86th Wing; and finally RAF Mildenhall, England, where I was assigned to HQ 3rd AF.  So there’s much more to come…it just takes time to post it all.

So for the meantime, you can follow along with me as I add captions to the photos that have already been posted.  The entire focus of sharing my life and story with all of you, is for the chance that something that I post or comment on here, will assist you in living your own life and following your own dreams.  Life is too short not to pursue the life that you want to live, and all the opportunities of the entire world are awaiting you just outside your front door – all you have to do is go take advantage of them.  I wanted to live a life of adventure, the opportunity to see the world, to fly jets, and to pursue all of my creative talents as best I could – and I continue to live my life with those same goals in mind.  I hope that you too, will follow your dreams and use your talents to accomplish your own goals in life as well – and in the end, make this world a little better place for having been a part of it!  🙂




6 thoughts on “Photos – Spangdahlem AB, Germany – 1983-1987 (Set Ninety One – The Way Ahead)

  1. Mark, I was wondering if you would have a chance to email me with an email address or contact info – I would like to get some info on the 480th’s squadron history.


  2. Brandon,

    My email address is found at the bottom of the “About Me” article, and is: mark.d.jones@ (close the gap when emailing me). I’ll send you an email off line and see what sort of history you’re interested in, and point you in the right direction for more information on the 480th TFS – Great Warhawk Nation.

    The most famous “Warhawk” was Lance P. Sijan who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Just Google his name and you can read the citation and his biography.



  3. I was stationed at Spangdahlem 1974-1983. I well remember the great days of working the 52 TFW jets from the tower at Spangdalem.

    I spotted a news story in the Stars and Stripes online: April 2010:

    In line with the planned draw down of F-16s at Spangdahlem, the 22 and 23 FS will be deactivated. The remaining F-16’s will be reorganized into a new squadron – the 480 Fighter Squadron. The Warhawks are flying again!!

    • Bill,

      I have many memories concerning the tower at Spangdahlem AB, from the days of flying in the Great Warhawk Nation. My most vivid was during an engine failure on take-off with the tower calling to us, “Knife 12 you’re on fire…” We completed the takeoff single engine and landed uneventfully after shutting our number two engine down and burning off JP-4, but the flames were reported to be 30 feet long behind our jet over the runway at the time. Oh the days of flying at Spangdahlem AB…they were the best!



  4. Dear Mark,
    As a former Warhawk (1990-91) I’ve been asked for the “Great Warhawk Cheer”. Confound it if I can’t remember the lyrics! They are obviously not fit for print (as the un-schooled may misunderstand and take offense). If you remember them, would you please e-mail me at my email address?
    Jerry ‘Ima’

  5. Jerry,

    Thanks for checking-in for a stroll down, “Warhawk Memory Lane!” I replied to your email address and pointed you in the right direction for all the details. Flying the Phantom in the 1980s was challenging enough for me as a WSO, that I left most of the extracurricular bar activities for others to participate in.

    I began writing my adventure novel, “Jonathan’s Dream” in my BOQ room at Zaragoza AB, Spain, after about my third visit to ZAB while on WTD. I brought an ‘old school’ manual, portable typewriter down with me on the bag drag! 🙂 Some of us would also rent a car or charter a bus for the weekend to visit the Mediterranean beaches, Barcelona, Andorra, Pamplona, Santander and San Sebastian!



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