Photos – Hahn AB, Germany – 1989-1991 (Set Nine – 50th TFW and Gulf War Patches)


13 thoughts on “Photos – Hahn AB, Germany – 1989-1991 (Set Nine – 50th TFW and Gulf War Patches)

  1. Yes, Mark, I worked in the Graphics shop from 89 ’til Hahn closed, with civilian illustrator – Chris, AF Graphics – Barry & Leon; and Locati & Koboshagawa over in the Photo Lab… we created those National Flag ID fliers you’re displaying. 🙂

    • Ed,
      Thanks for the update. I’m glad to give you and the Graphics/Photo Lab folks the credit for the great work you did. Everyone had a job to do back in those days, and everyone rose to the occasion to get the job done. Thanks for your service!

    • Ed, wow, I was a photographer at Hahn 88-89. I have been looking for Koboshagawa since. Guido Locati was a mentor. It was my first assignment and it holds a special place in my soul.

  2. Mark, I can never get enough about Hahn as it was our Best Tour of Duty 1988-1991. I worked in the Propulsion Branch, 50th CRS. Mike B. was our Commander. A couple years ago as he retired after 30 Years and continued to serve his country with Dyna Corp. Thanks for the Memories of Happy Hahn. I Plan to Visit the area soon. AL H., USAF Retired.

    • Al,
      I appreciate your comments and share your sentiment about Hahn AB and the special time and place that it was in those days. I arrived at Hahn in the fall of 1989 without knowing how dramatically world events were about to unfold, and left Hahn just after the Gulf War in April of 1991 – and experienced the most intense and dramatic series of events in-between. All of us who were there at the time know the impact it made on us all, and I’m glad that I was able to take you back to Hahn AB once again – if only for a moment! 🙂

  3. Had a memorable tour at Hahn AB via a TDY from Pope AFB, NC. Security police as a desk sergeant because the assigned flight desk SGT had issues with local Law Enforcement in Frankfurt. Got to travel, learned enough
    German to order a beer and sausage, french fries with mayo in Amsterdam, and beautiful Mosel River valley. 5 month tour was not long enough. This was in 1962 during Pres. Kennedys trip to Berlin.

    • Bob,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your memories with me! The Air Force has provided us with a wealth of opportunities to defend freedom, travel and experience other cultures, customs and languages around the world. Joining the AF was the best thing that ever happened to me, and the time we both spent in Germany was a highlight of our careers! 🙂

      Thanks for the memories, Bob!



  4. At Hahn from 1988 – 1991, Attended Grace Baptist Churchin Lautenhausen.Base Career Advisor CBPO. Enjoyed tour.

    • John,

      I was stationed at Hahn AB from August 1989 until April 1991, so our time frame was the same. Pictures are a great way to refresh our memories after over two decades have gone by since our assignments! I flew into Hahn Flugplatz from the UK later on in the 90’s and at that time all the buildings still remained – but I have no idea how it looks today!



  5. Our family spent the best years of our lives at Hahn. We made close friends we still keep in touch with. We were there from 1971-1975. Our last child, son was born there and I hoped someday he might see where he was born. I have been told the old hospital was no longer there. The base afforded us travel availability to all of Europe which we took advantage of. Wish we could relive the entire experience.

    • Thomas,

      I understand exactly! 🙂 Our son was born at Bitburg AB, and our 16 years in Europe were our best years as well. We traveled everywhere and I had the added opportunities of flying to so many places while TDY. Every base had something special about it based on where it was, and I savor all the years we were stationed in USAFE. Thanks for stopping by and reflecting on your experiences!



  6. Mark, Enjoyed “touring” your site. I was in the 10thTFS at Hahn from 1966-1969 and was on the lead crew in the Weapons Loading section. I have been trying to find a 50th TFW patch from that era. Any suggestions? Thanks for sharing the memories.

    • Mike,

      Thanks for your comment and for your service! ☼ I gave all my memorabilia away to a collector friend of mine years ago, and the best suggestion I have is to simply look online at sites like eBay. I don’t know of an easier or faster way to get the patch you want.

      Thanks for checking-in! ☼ 🙂


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