Photos – RAF Upper Heyford, UK – 1991-1993 (Set Four – 428th TFTS “Buccaneers” – Cannon AFB, NM – June 1991)

This past Saturday I contacted the famous aviation photographer, Guy Aceto, to ask permission to use a postcard photo of his, from the time I spent at Cannon AFB, NM.  The postcard shows an F-111F “Aardvark,” an EF-111A “Raven” and an F-16 “Fighting Falcon” – all part of the 27th Tactical Fighter Wing at Cannon AFB, NM, at the time.  I didn’t even pack my camera for this trip to learn to fly the F-111G at Cannon AFB, and this single postcard was all that I have as a reminder of my time at Cannon AFB – as the F-111G I flew looked the same as this F-111F on the postcard.  Guy responded the next morning by email, and a portion of his response back to me was:

“Absolutely!  Photo by Guy Aceto is all that’s needed.  I remember that day well – actually it was the second sortie for that trip as the first one had the F-111 return to base (RTB) with a maintenance issue. The 522 had just gotten their F-16s, and with us up and flying we had to just shoot some approaches at Roswell for the rest of the sortie.”

I think that it is was a very nice gesture for Guy to allow me to use his photograph from so many years ago.  It is also a wonderful thing when professionals allow their work to be included in such a way as to assist folks like me in telling their story on a blog posting.  🙂  It may be a small token for them over the course of their careers, but for me I’m very appreciative of their time and consideration – thanks Guy!  Please go to Guy’s home page and check out his web site of amazing photographs at: 

I spent the summer of 1991 at Cannon AFB, NM, and completed the F-111G training course – returning to RAF Upper Heyford, UK, around September 1991.  During my time at Cannon AFB, I purchased two guitars in Clovis, NM – an acoustic Applause and an electric Fender Strat.  As soon as I learned a few chords I was writing songs once again in my room on base, and then spending time in the library on base typing out the lyrics and guitar chords.

On the airplane returning to London, England; I remember writing the lyrics to a song I had in my head on the plane titled, “England.”  Eventually I’ll post the complete song chords and lyrics on the blog, but in the meantime the lyrics begin with:

Verse I:

Stone walls casting shadows

For hundreds of years

Green fields and forests

Echoes ring clear

From church bells above me

Through all of the years

This land called England

Draws me near

This land called England

I’ll always hold dear


Castles stand silent in the mist

Cathedral spires I have missed

As I journey from afar

Returning home to that land

That island in the sea

I hear her callin’ to me

This land called England

Is calling to me




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