“Just be Nice”

(Updated on June 19, 2010)

Yesterday, during a discussion about the many problems that the world is facing today; I said simply, “The world would be a much better place, and we wouldn’t have many of these problems – if everyone just decided to be nice.”  When God looks down on our world and our situation, He must just shake His head; knowing that most of the problems we face today could be solved in a single heartbeat – if everyone around the world just decided to, “be nice.”  Yet we have wars, manmade calamities, hunger, intimidation, poverty, aggression, violence, pride, crime, gangs, illegal activity, gossip, bullying, abuse, bribery, infighting, back stabbing, libel, arguing, murder, theft, addiction, disrespect, malnutrition, rape, human trafficking, fighting, animal cruelty, extortion  – and every other action that leads mankind to fall far short of creating an ideal society here on Earth.  Instead of building up society and appealing to man’s higher moral and enlightened nature, mankind falls far short of the potential cooperative social fabric that it could create for all people living here on this beautiful planet we call Earth.

Think about it.  If everyone just decided to, “be nice” from now on; people around the world could just “hold hands” and cooperate to solve all of our problems and create a better quality of life for everyone on the planet.  Nations and governments could put the resources that they currently devote to armaments, warfare and self-defense into programs that would directly benefit society: desalinization plants, crop production, infrastructure, transportation, conservation, literacy, medicine, counseling, education, science, inventions, housing, technology, learning, employment, food, religious tolerance, health care, understanding, teaching, environmental protection, clothing, research, urban and rural development, communication and food distribution – to just scratch the surface of the many possibilities that we could do to improve our world for everyone on our planet.

Of course, the world says this is totally “naive” thinking and a, “kumbaya campfire mentality” – while it continues on down a course of ultimate self-destruction.  Call me crazy.  Tell me to remove my blinders and my, “rose-colored glasses.”  Tell me to, “wake up and smell the coffee.”  That’s ok.  I am a dreamer, I freely admit it.  I dream of a world where people love and support one another.  I dream of a world where everyone works to “build up” the community that they live in – not, “tear it down.”  I dream of a world where violence and warfare doesn’t raise its ugly head and terrorize individuals, communities, nations and continents.  That’s just me, the dreamer that I am.  I didn’t “sign up” for the world that I currently live in when I was born – I expect more – and the solution to the world’s problems is really so very simple.

So naturally you may ask, “where do we start?”  The answer is always – love.  The Golden Rule is a fine starting point in every case and condition.  Jesus said in Matthew 7:12 (New International Version – used with permission):

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

If mankind would embrace the simple notion of loving and caring for their fellow-man worldwide, the world would be a much nicer place to live.  I know that around the world there are daily examples of loving actions: prayers, thoughts, kindness, thoughtfulness, care, concern, giving and charity – and so many other generous and loving responses from individuals and nations to their brothers and sisters around the world – but there is so much more to be done and the need is so great.  I hope that all people around the world will one day live on this Earth in a spirit of: peace, harmony, cooperation, friendship, caring, helpfulness, teamwork, generosity, concern, joyfulness and love.

In Christ,



2 thoughts on ““Just be Nice”

    • You’re right. The key is in a balanced reply, without taking it down to their level – otherwise you’re only reinforcing their original behavior. One hopes that by taking the high road they will follow and emulate your own example – but that’s never a given. I think that most people that choose NOT to be nice, do so from issues they have carried with them for years; and even though they recognize an example of good behavior when returned to them – it takes a long time before they can modify their own behavior to change. In the end, all we can do is never respond in kind, show them a good example and hope that they will eventually change. In the meantime we “turn the other cheek” – not out of weakness – but out of the strength of moral conviction that the high road is the only one to travel.

      By the way, I visited Norway and spent two weeks in the area of Trondheim and the west coast, and loved my time there. It will take some time to reach that point in the blog, but I’ve got a lot of photos from that trip to post. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by – Cheers,


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