St. Martin’s Cloak Prayer Foundation

In all things there is a season, and sometimes the timing just isn’t right for something that we attempt to do; and no amount of “forcing the issue” will overcome that simple fact.  Perhaps one day my ideas will see actual “brick and mortar” – but this is not the time or place.  I remain as ever, a work in progress, and these things are not up to me to decide.  The postings that I have written under the category of, “St. Martin’s Cloak Prayer Foundation” are all still there – only now they’re posted as “private” – which means I can still access them.

Many things that we attempt to do in life don’t result in a “bouquet of beautiful flowers in the dazzling sunshine,” sometimes they just end up as “dead ends;” but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have attempted to do them.  We live and we learn, and along the way there are valuable life lessons to put to good use later on down the road of life.  So for the moment, both the “non-profit” and “prayer foundation” concepts are put to rest – but if they are meant to be some day – they will find their time and place to thrive.  Until then, I’ll continue on posting photos, and then transition back to posting my songs, stories and autobiography: where Bruce and I are currently in Fayetteville, NC, on our bicycle adventure around the United States in the Bicentennial Year of 1976.  There’s a lot to do, and perhaps it’s more important at the moment for me to finish this work first before moving on to other projects.

Life, as always, remains an adventure without a roadmap!  🙂



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