Love Changes Everything

Everything must have a beginning if it is to be – for there must be a starting point.  Sometimes that beginning is hard to define though; and at some point a single “brainstorm” becomes an idea, which evolves into a dream, a goal and eventually a reality through positive “vested” action – you need to become part of the solution to obtain true results.

So it is with St. Martin’s Cloak Foundation for Peace through Love, which has in a short time evolved through a number of initial stages prior to the entity that it is today: a product of my dream to promote world and individual peace through love for one another.  There is no real “physical organization or substance” behind it – only me and this blog.  It operates solely in the currency of “Love,” has no official organization or legal basis in fact, asks for no donations except the free exchange of love for the world – and has no “official membership” besides myself.  But who knows what tomorrow will bring?  Perhaps this “foundation” someday will exist in both a “brick and mortar” and “legal” sense – but not yet – not today.  I ask nothing of anyone except to extend love to one another and to the world.

So what can I hope to accomplish?  What can this “foundation” actually do?  St. Martin’s Cloak Foundation for Peace through Love will attempt to convince the world that true peace for the world – and between individuals – can not exist without love for one another and for the entire world.  For true love brings a cooperative, collaborative and respectful “teamwork approach” to living and for solving our problems; placing each other’s and the world’s interests ahead of our own.

When you care for and respect each other, you first and foremost want what is best for them before turning to your own needs – and they do the same in return for you.  Love is not appeasement, nor is it capitulation or compromise on unequal or unfair terms; instead love promotes peace by establishing truth – which can not be denied.  Peace, love and harmony between people and nations is always better than conflict – at any level.  Truth simply can not be denied.

Peace can’t truly flourish and prosper until it evolves within a framework of freedom – both for individuals and for nations.  Freedom creates the opportunity for true peace to evolve, for freedom creates the very foundation and framework necessary for a fragile peace to sprout and grow.  Peace is always a fragile state and requires constant nurturing on all sides to promote steady, sustained and robust growth – eventually becoming like a mighty oak tree with roots that go ever deeper into the “earth” of the supporting freedom that sustains and nourishes it.



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