Administrative Note – Photo Timeline

Since most of the photos I’m scanning from our time at RAF Upper Heyford are undated, I’ve been sequencing them into the blog based on holidays and the dates of key events.  Along the way I started to get ahead of myself, and I posted the article about the song, “England” too soon – before I was done with quite a few “older” photographs.

The most reliable date for “Sky Pageant ’92” that I found on the internet was July 1992, so that establishes those photos as a key summertime milestone.  English photographs mark the seasons by the fact that trees either have leaves or they don’t.  Winter looks a lot like fall and spring in England – wet, rainy and overcast.

As a consequence, I’ll now go back to January of 1992 and start sequencing photos again from that time period.  What I thought were photos taken in the fall of 1992, turned out to be from January 1992 – which threw me off the correct timeline.  Few people would really care about this minor administrative point, but I can’t “re-post” the sequencing of photos and for a while it will look like I’m going backwards in time.  🙂 

By entering all of these photos into the blog with detailed captions to go along with them, I’m essentially writing the “rough draft” of my continuing life story.  My written autobiography essentially stops shortly after I was assigned to Spangdahlem AB, Germany, in 1983.  From that date forward, I’m piecing the details together from scratch.  It’s a lot of work and takes quite a bit of time, but having these “visible chapters” of my life available will help the reader better understand the events surrounding my earlier writings.

This project also “resets” my memory by “revisiting” all of the key events of my life and requires me to research the, “what, when, where, why and how” aspects of the photos I’ve taken throughout the years.  Someday, I’ll no longer be up to the size and scope of this project, so I’m glad to have started it at this point in my life.

As always, pull up a chair and enjoy the show, and I hope that you will find a few photographs that catch your attention along the way; that hopefully cause you to reflect on your own life’s experiences.  Who knows, perhaps this blog will inspire you to pull out your old photographs in shoe boxes from under the bed (you know they’re under there somewhere) and tell your own story online – so your grandchildren can get to know you better one day!  Because once we’re gone, it’s hard to tell our story after the fact…and if we don’t do it – who will?  🙂




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