Photos – RAF Upper Heyford, UK – 1991-1993 (Set Forty Five – David’s Sixth Birthday – Bloxham and Banbury, England – February 1993)

I want to mention a few words with these final photos of our RAF Upper Heyford, UK, assignment.  Our tour was cut short because of my being passed over for major on a promotion board, which also resulted in postponing my joining the Roman Catholic Church as well.  I began the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) in the fall of 1992 at St. John’s Parish Church in Banbury, UK; which is a spiritual orientation and education program in the Roman Catholic faith that culminates at Easter – with the course participants becoming full members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Our RCIA program at St. John’s Parish Church was led by a small team of excellent priests, but because we moved to Germany prior to Easter – which was on April 11, 1993 that year – I had to postpone completing the course until I was able to move back to England and finish it in English.  I didn’t want to attempt to do the course in Germany because my German language skills were only conversational at best, so I waited until we were assigned to RAF Mildenhall, UK, on a later follow-on assignment from 1995 to 2001, when I retired from the Air Force as a Major.


2 thoughts on “Photos – RAF Upper Heyford, UK – 1991-1993 (Set Forty Five – David’s Sixth Birthday – Bloxham and Banbury, England – February 1993)

  1. Wow, your son is a very lucky boy to have gone to school “on the economy” during your overseas tours. As I mentioned in another reply, my children, husband and I lived in Landscheid for a year before moving to Spangdalem base housing. How interesting that your son went to school there and his opa was principal. We lived in a third floor apartment above the Sparkasse Bank owned by Manfred Theisen. The building was on Trankgasse just down from the fire station. I have really enjoyed viewing your photos and comments. Best regards, Patricia B. H.

  2. Patricia,

    Thank you for your kind comments and for taking the time to look through my pictures! Yes it was very special to have lived on the economy all those years, and to have the connection through my wife and her family to better understand the German language, history and culture. I took 3 German classes at the University of Maryland during my time at Spangdahlem AB, but in the end it has been easier speaking English with my wife! Our son was raised bi-lingual, and he quickly surpassed my German speaking ability! I hope you enjoyed your opportunities living in Germany and took the occasion to travel throughout Europe as much as possible in those years! Thanks for stopping by and checking-in with me!



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