Creating an Extrospective Approach and Perspective for Democracy (Part Three)

Consider the world as it is today and imagine how it would look, if everyone in the world cooperated together in peace through love.  We would see that people are taken care of and no longer struggling just to meet their day-to-day survival needs – to secure clean water, food, clothing, healthcare, housing, employment and transportation for themselves and for their family.  The fact is that a majority of the world’s population today fails to reach even the minimum subsistence level every day throughout the world.  So how would it be possible to provide and care for all the world’s people, in a way that allows for everyone to focus on accomplishing their individual hopes and dreams instead of just struggling to get by every day?

In Part One of this series we reviewed the concept of taking an extrospective approach – an “examination of matters outside oneself” – for democracy, where people take individual responsibility for others – even for complete strangers – as well as for their family members and for themselves.  Think about it, if tomorrow the half of the world’s population that have the majority of the world’s resources at their disposal, decided to care for and support the other half of the world’s population that either have no resources or fell short of even the subsistence level – the problem would be solved tomorrow.  In Part Two, we looked at the very real possibility that there could be real peace in our day if all the world’s leaders decided tomorrow that it was in their nation’s national interest to join the world community in cooperation, peace and freedom.  If this were to occur – and there are very few holdout countries remaining in the world today – then all of the countries of the world could begin the process of disarming to a “defensive only posture” and free up their resources to provide for their citizens – instead of spending their finite resources on weapons and the military.

So here in Part Three we’ll begin to describe how we can convince all of the people of the world, to take responsibility for more of the world’s people than just for their own immediate household – and I suspect this topic will require many more parts in this series to complete just this point alone.  This is a concept that is larger than any one person’s view of religion or faith; I know of no faith that wouldn’t agree with the concept of taking responsibility for other people in this world and being, “our brother’s keeper.”  In many respects, this is first and foremost a matter of practicality that anyone – and certainly people of no faith or religious affiliation can agree with this – because at the very foundation of this discussion is simply basic math and morality.  Anyone can see that we all reside together in the same “boat” called planet Earth, as we traverse the solar system in the most wonderous and unique environment – self-contained on this lifeboat of blue, white, brown and green as we spin and travel along our way through a cold and inhospitable universe.

If we were to visit Earth for the first time ever as an alien being, the most logical of assumptions is that we would all work together in cooperation and love to provide for everyone’s care and well-being; yet our history often reveals that the very opposite has repeatedly occurred.  Warfare and the machinery of war are the worst possible uses of the finite resources  that are available to the world – for obvious reasons – and only when people are threatened with the most dire of circumstances is it permissible to use weapons in order to liberate them from terrible oppression.  Think about the terrible destruction that has occurred repeatedly throughout history, and the only thing at mankind’s disposal to stop it has been to use the same techniques of destruction in order to destroy the destroyer and liberate the oppressed – pure madness.  I believe we need to make the case for peace and love as effectively as we possibly can, in order to stop forever this cycle of warfare and destruction that has occurred throughout history – and I think the time and opportunity to do this has finally arrived in our day – because we now “know” each other around the entire planet as we have never “known” one another before.  As I express myself in writing this blog, anyone in the entire world can now read and experience my thoughts in “real-time” – almost as if they were sitting in the upholstered chair in my study with me and having a conversation – simply amazing.  

We now live in a time of history where we have vast amounts of knowledge and information available to us at our very fingertips: access to the internet and voice communications through computers, laptops, cell phones and new hand-held, mobile devices; an interconnected, interdependent and highly technical international economic system that connects us with the rest of the world; convenient and efficient travel and tourism to take us anywhere we want to go; and amazing TV channels that bring the world directly to us wherever we happen to be.  There are only a few holdout countries remaining in our world that attempt to deny their people from knowing about and sharing knowledge and information with the rest of the world outside their country.  It is futile to deny people information, because the very source of information – the human mind – can deduct on its own the basic truths of life: that love is stronger and more powerful than evil, that cooperation is better than selfishness, and that life is more precious than death while we remain in this world.  To stand up for these principles and others that are directly derived from love is always right – even if it means denying ourselves our own life to help achieve it for others.  The world’s dictators have no power over love and truth, and it is only a matter of time before even the concept of a dictator will only be found in a history book and dictionary.  The day is soon coming when even the thought of warfare will be literally an impossibility to the vast majority of the world – because the truth which is love – will reveal to every mind and heart that peace is the only way for our future together.

At any moment in time there are only finite resources available for mankind to use in the pursuit of sustaining civilization on Earth, due to the fact that much of what is available to us is either locked up in the ground, wasted through inefficiencies and pollution, or not accessible to use because the technology hasn’t been developed to utilize them.  The world is finally waking up to the fact that through the use of renewable and clean resources like wind power, solar power and through the efficient recycling of previously used materials; we can greatly increase the amount of usable resources in our world.  Our Earth is an ideal and perfect, “lifeboat” for mankind as we travel through the solar system, and we are on the verge today of being able to take better care of our planet – and our people; because at the same time it is soon possible to achieve a state of peace in the world, because conflict has now moved from beyond the nation-state to involve individuals that we call terrorists.  Even the mind of the terrorist can be convinced that love is the only way, and that peace and cooperation can be achieved in our day for the benefit of all the world’s people.  We know this to be true because it has happened time and time again throughout history, that people can and do respond to love – we only need to focus on these few individuals and convince them that there is a better way – the true and lasting peace that comes only from love.

So in a world of finite resources, even with taking advantage of all the renewable resources that we possibly can, we are still faced with a growing population to take care of with the limited resources at our disposal at any one moment in time.  If we divide the number of resources available by the number of people in the world, we discover the amount of resources that are available per person.  What we also know is that the available resources of our world are not equally distributed or even available on a “per person basis;” and that the world is in an unbalanced state of “haves” and “have-nots” – and it is this principle issue in our world that I really want to address in this series of articles.  From this point on in the discussion for the sake of argument we will simply say, that all the leaders of the world have achieved a new era of peace in the world and that the universal disarmament of nations is being achieved to a defensive only posture – and now we’ll begin to address the rest of this puzzle – how we can best take care of one another.

Only in recent history has the concept of a, “safety net” been described and implemented in order to bring the impoverished, the working poor, the sick and disabled, and the elderly of our world up to at least a minimum standard of decency, which shows how society has improved and advanced incrementally over time – and yet this is no guarantee today because many millions of people are still overlooked – especially in countries that have no, “safety net” for their citizens.  Not very long ago, even the concept of a, “retirement” didn’t exist except for the very rich – people worked until they either died or became ill – and illness was often the prelude for imminent death because today’s modern medicines weren’t available even a few decades ago.  So how do we possibly care for all of the people of our world and allow them to share in the possibilities of living beyond a subsistence level, and be able to achieve their hopes and dreams for themselves and for their children?  This is where Part Four will begin, imagining a way to create an environment for all the people of our world to take care of each other, and with it ensure that we are all able to realize our hopes and dreams on this beautiful planet we call Earth.


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