Photos – Ramstein AB, Germany – 1993-1994 (Set Fifteen – St. Nicholas Day Eve in Bruch, Germany – December 1993)

At this point I only have family photos left to post as I continue to, “walk down the memory lane” of our family’s time spent in Europe – but don’t fret…there are still seven more years of pictures left to go through, with five of them spent in England – so it will take quite a while to get through them all. 🙂 What strikes me the most about these photos and my years spent with the Air Force in Europe is not the fact that it’s my photos or our family, but it’s the actual events and places that set such a unique backdrop to my story in a time of history that everything was undergoing an amazing transformation at the same time in Europe.

These days our family life is rather simple after my retirement from the Air Force in 2001, and not very photogenic at all – some might even say boring – but I’m happy with the way life is treating us at the moment :); but the unique setting and variety of our time spent in Europe was so unique, compared with what might be considered to be a, “normal” family life – living in one single location for an extended period of time – that I decided it should be shared with all of you as a record of the times we lived in. That’s not to say it didn’t take a toll on us as we moved from house to house and country to country, and even continent to continent – but I wouldn’t have missed the experience for the world.  The Air Force turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for us and it allowed me to fly, travel and experience the world in a unique way for an extended period of time in Europe between 1983 and 2001.  Add to that my travels prior to joining the Air Force, and all in all its been quite a ride.  So here you go…enjoy!




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