Empathy – A Gift of Love to Mankind

Empathy allows us to have compassion for others and gives us the ability to connect with them and their circumstances in a way that can make their issues and emotions our own.  Just as a structure built from interconnected triangles provides tremendous structural strength and stability, a society that encourages and nurtures empathy between its citizens is able to create bonds of shared experiences and emotional connections that strengthens and unites families, neighborhoods, communities and nations.

We start with a quote from Wikipedia on Empathy – “Empathy is the capacity to share the sadness or happiness of another sentient being through consciousness rather than physically. Empathy develops the ability to have compassion towards other beings….Empathy is an ability with many different definitions. They cover a broad spectrum, ranging from feeling a concern for other people that creates a desire to help them, experiencing emotions that match another person’s emotions, knowing what the other person is thinking or feeling, to blurring the line between self and other.”

Empathy is actually a gift of love given to us freely from God that unites two or more people in a way that they are able to share a common bond of understanding.  This gift of empathy to mankind only requires our hearts be open to receiving God’s love which is available to everyone – whether they believe or have faith in God or not. God senses and knows the openness of someone’s heart, and gives them empathy as a way to nurture their qualities of kindness and love towards their fellow-man, while building a relationship with them based on love.  If someone closes off their heart to kindness and love they won’t be open to God or to His free gift of empathy that He offers to us in love.

Our very souls yearn to be with God in Heaven because they know and understand intuitively that Heaven is where they belong, and that this physical life of ours is only transitory.  The greater our awareness of this tug of desire that occurs in our soul to be with God and to return to God, the more God responds to our yearnings for Heaven with His grace – carried to us by the Holy Spirit to nurture us through His love. Just as God cares for us individually, He cares for mankind as a whole as well; and through His gift of empathy, God provides us with the ability to have concern for others just as He has concern for us.

We are not all aware of our relationship with God and the workings of the Holy Spirit in this world, and the more we turn to God and comprehend our spiritual nature the more empathetic we are able to be; and the converse is true that the more we are in and of this world the less empathetic we allow ourselves to be as we seek our existence in things in and of this world – and not from God.  By thinking of and taking care of others, we are assisting God in taking care of His people in this world; and to enable us to do this work God provides us with His gift of empathy – as we strive to help make this world a better place for everyone.




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