Original Song – “Glory To God” (Part Two)

While writing Glory To God, I imagined a large choir and a dramatic hymn praising God; with the hymn cascading down like rapids into a waterfall in the verses beginning with the chord of C, and climbing back up again to the top in the verses beginning with the chord of F – rising and falling in a dramatic and thunderous fashion as the lyrics flow down – as if cascading down out of Heaven itself.  So here is the first song that I ever wrote – a Christmas Song – Glory To God:




(Note: Emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide!)

"Glory To God" (Pg 1) - "In The Name of the Father", Collected Works Volume XV, Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved "Glory To God" (Pg 2) - "In The Name of the Father", Collected Works Volume XV, Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Glory To God

“In The Name of the Father” – Collected Works Volume XV, Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Verse One:

C  G  C  F           C           F  C   G

Glory to God sing praises, to our Lord

F                  G         F              G

Sing with the angels, sing of His glory —

C   G  C      F                C       F  C   G

Lift up your voice to the glory, of the Lord

——— (Momentary Pause) ———

C    G     C   F       C             F       C G

Sing praises to the Heavens, Christ is Lord

F                G        F                  G

Heaven and Earth, rejoice in His presence —

C     G      C     F       C             F    C  G

Bow down before the Lord your God today

F              G              F             G

Christ will return one day in His glory —

C  G C    F            C         F  C   G

Sing with choirs of angels, to the Lord

C     G   C    F       C             F       C G

Sing praises to the Heavens, Christ is Lord

Verse Two:

C   G  C    F            C           F       C    G

Christ was born in a manger, Christmas Day

F             G          F                    G

Mary and Joseph, shepherds and Kings —

C      G      C    F          C        F     C    G

Knelt down before their God in Bethlehem

——— (Momentary Pause) ———

C    G    C    F       C             F       C G

Sing praises to the Heavens, Christ is Lord

F                G        F                  G

Heaven and Earth, rejoice in His presence —

C     G   C   F        C           F   C   G

Give thanks to the Lord our salvation

F                 G         F              G

Christ is our Savior, let all mankind hear —

C    G C  F                   C         F        C   G

Sing His name with the angels, Christ our Lord

C     G   C    F       C             F       C  G

Sing praises to the Heavens, Christ is Lord

Verse Three:

C       G        C   F                C      F       C   G

Come praise His name Hallelujah, Christ our Lord

F             G          F          G

Born in a manger, King of Kings —

C   G  C      F                C       F  C   G

Lift up your voice to the glory, of the Lord

——— (Momentary Pause) ———

C     G    C   F       C             F       C G

Sing praises to the Heavens, Christ is Lord

F                G        F                 G

Heaven and Earth, rejoice in His presence —

C  G  C    F                 C             F  C   G

To all the world tell the blessings, of the Lord

F                 G         F            G

Christ is the Savior, of all the world —

C  G C    F            C         F  C   G

Sing with choirs of angels, to the Lord

C                                  G    F       C G

Sing praises to the Heavens, Christ is Lord

C                                  G

Sing praises to the Heavens

F                 C       F    C  G   F       C G      G   C

Sing praises to the Heavens, Christ is Lord, A-men


10 thoughts on “Original Song – “Glory To God” (Part Two)

  1. Beautiful! So filled with the love of God & so beautiful when played on guitar. Please continue to write, I love to play your songs.

  2. Jet,

    Thank you so much for your sweet and touching comment! I hoped when I started writing music that I’d be able to play it myself for others, but that wasn’t the talent God gave me – instead He gave me the ability to translate the feelings of my heart into songs. I was hoping others could adapt the lyrics and chords to their own melodies, and you’ve encouraged me that it is indeed possible! Thank you!

    In Christ,


    • Hi Mark,

      You are welcome. I am currently trying to find an inexpensive software so that I can record your songs for you & send them to you.

      I think you would be surprised at how beautiful your songs are when sung. I thank the Lord for the ability to sing and play your songs & I want you to be able to hear them 🙂

      God bless you, with love in Christ,
      Jade E. Topp

  3. Jade,

    What a blessing you are to me! ♥ It was 23 years ago and very close to this same time of year, when this song was the answer to my prayer for the ability to write songs – and I can still recall the entire episode in my mind as if it had been captured on film. Once I started writing, it didn’t take very long to complete, at least in the rough draft of my abbreviated notations as I rushed to capture it on paper before it evaporated out of my thoughts!

    I don’t want you to go through any great expense, Jade – and perhaps a simple video clip of your singing and playing it will be all that’s needed. I won’t share or post anything without your approval beforehand and I’ll be sure to fully credit you in the process. I’m curious as to how your interpretation varies from my original concept – please keep me posted! 🙂

    Lyrically yours in Christ!

    Love! ♥ 🙂 Mark

    • Mark;

      I must admit that there are no choirs or pipe organs in my interpretation of the song. Simply praising the Lord through a Classical Guitar & my Voice.

      I will talk to my hubby in regards to a video. I don’t know how to do any of that unfortunately. I don’t mind if you would see it or hear it, I will have to think about it being posted anywhere, however, for the Glory of God I think I might be okay with it. On the other hand, my husband did find a program for the computer where I can mix it with some background instruments which would flesh it out a bit and give it a solid bottom, if you know what I mean. I think I just forced you to read a huge run on sentence, if so I apologize for that 🙂

      I am going to try the program first & when God tells me yes or no I will either be sending you a music file or a video. Even though I am a classically trained vocalist with many years of experience in varying bands, I am still very camera shy … but I know that God can help me overcome that.

      God has blessed you with the gift to write. It is only fair that your music be heard.

      Making a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord ❤

      Yours Musically in Christ,

      Love ❤ Jade

  4. Mark;

    I am sorry to say that it is only me with my Classical guitar & my voice at present. My husband actually found a free program where I can add backing music into my mix, I am going to try that and see how it goes. As I hear Angels speaking to my soul as to what needs to be there.

    I cannot promise you a symphony but perhaps a rhapsody will do?

    If I cannot use the software to my liking, I will see if my hubby will video me with my guitar doing your song. I am very camera shy even though I am classically trained and spent nearly 20yrs in differing bands as well as doing wedding for some extra cash. 🙂

    I know God will tell me which is best as he speaks to us through our souls as Christians through the Holy Spirit.

    My you have a blessed day today and always.

    Musically yours in Christ,
    Love ❤ Jade

  5. Jade,

    I didn’t mean to cause you any stress, and certainly no expense – your voice alone or with your guitar is more than I could ever ask for, and it would be perfectly fine! My initial thought was a simple cell phone video, and it can be pointing towards a picture instead of you – just to record the audio – whatever you choose to do is more than I was able to accomplish! No organs or symphonies are required!

    I’m just honored that you enjoy playing my songs and I’m humbled that you would even want to send a recording for me to listen to! As for posting anything – that’s only if you wanted to – and only after we have time to talk it over and consider the options…whatever you want to do. I’ll give you my phone number to call if we ever get that far.

    God’s at work in your finding my music, Jade – and I’m sure He’ll be part of whatever decisions we make concerning them in the future. Perhaps I was given these songs just so you could sing them!

    Harmonically Yours!

    Love in Christ, ♥ 🙂 Mark

    • Mark,

      I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was hospitalized due to a Gran Mal Seizure & they kept me for 4days due to some strange bruising on my brain.

      I am honored to be able to play your music. I have changed a small amount of the chords just because it sounded better that way.

      I am on bed rest until I see my neurologist the week after thanksgiving so it may be a little bit before I get you a copy of my rendition of your song. Again I apologize, I don’t like having to tell someone that they need to wait for something I have promised. Unfortunately this is out of my control.

      May the Lord protect you and may you have a good day today and a better day tomorrow.

      I remain a Joyful Voice in the name of our Lord!

      With Love in Christ, ❤
      Jade 🙂

  6. Jade,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your incident, and I want you to just rest and recover completely! ♥ Don’t worry a single minute about the music, worry instead about taking the very best care of yourself until you’ve fully recovered! The music is of no concern now until you’re better. Your words alone have been blessings to both my ears and to my heart, which is more than I could ever ask for! All I ask for now is that you take very good care of yourself, listen to your Doctor and follow his/her instructions.

    I pray for your complete recovery, Jade – and your only focus now is to get better! ♥ God has you in His hands, and my prayer for you and your husband is that God’s Will be done in your lives – which is infinitely better than anything I alone could wish for – for both of you! Stay warm! 🙂

    Love always, In Christ!

    ♥ 🙂 Mark

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