Original Song – “Light Of Christ”

Light Of Christ is one of a number of very personal Christmas songs that I’ve written which have affected me and deepened my faith as I put myself in the part of one of the song’s characters – in this case a little shepherd boy – who personally receives the Light of Christ at the foot of the manger in Bethlehem.  Like the little shepherd boy, I have no gift fitting to give the Lord – so I have asked Jesus to give me His light, the Light of Christ – that will always be with me in my life.  The Truth of Jesus shines brightest through the simple perspective of children in their purity and their innocence. May we all adopt childlike hearts, and look at our world through the simple love of a child…as given to us by our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ the Lord.  Amen.


I recorded my original song “Light Of Christ” on Set 13 in 1997, and it’s a Christmas song that looks at the very first Christmas through the eyes of a little shepherd boy. It’s one of a number of personal Christmas songs that I’ve written, as I look back at the events of over 2,000 years ago through the eyes of the characters in my songs ~ enjoy! ♡ 🙂 Mark


(Note: Emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide!)

"Light Of Christ" (Pg 1) - "In The Name Of The Father", Collected Works Volume XV, Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved"Light Of Christ" (Pg 2) - "In The Name Of The Father", Collected Works Volume XV, Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Light Of Christ

“In The Name Of The Father” – Collected Works Volume XV, Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Verse One:

              C                       F

He was a shepherd boy all alone

F                C         C            F

Tending his father’s flock one night

F                  G      Em      Am

Watching the stars shining bright

        G      Em     F

On a cold, desert night

          C              F

And he saw in the night

   Dm    Em  G         F

A single star shining brighter

        C            C        G

Than he’d ever seen it before

G       F                   F

As he looked to that star

    G                    Am

He wondered how far

   Dm            C        G      Em     F

It was to that special light, in the night

         C               C          F          F

As he stood there on that winter’s night

            C       C                 F         F

Tending sheep beneath that star so bright

F        C                         F        G

There appeared an angel of the Lord

 G   F              G

“Go follow that light

            F        C

To your Savior tonight

            Am   F         C             G

May His light always shine over you”

Verse Two:

                  C                         F

He woke his father up with the news

F                C      C        F

Of what the angel had to say

F            G     Em        Am

And they followed that star

           G        Em     F

Burning bright in the night

            C                F

As they followed the light

Dm     Em  G                F

Of that star through the night

        C          C        G

They came to Bethlehem

G            F                   F

And they saw with their eyes

        G     Am

Their Lord Christ

  Dm                     C           G          Em      F

A babe wrapped in swadling clothes, on that night

            C               C         F          F

As they stood there on that winter’s night

         C               C          F            F

Three Kings came bearing gifts that night

F            C                       F          G

And they heard the angels sing on high

 G        F                 G

“Hallelujah, Christ is King

      F              C

Our Savior will bring

     Am  F   C               G

His light to shine in the world”

Verse Three:

            C                               F

And the shepherd boy standing there

F         C        C          F

Had no gift to give the Lord

F        G        Em         Am

So he bowed down his head

      G    Em  F

And said a prayer

             C         F

“May the light of Christ

Dm     Em G    F

That I followed tonight

C                 C           G

Always shine on in my life

G                F          F

Through the darkest night

      G         Am

The light of Christ

      Dm          C     G    Em    F

Will always be with me, in my life”

         C              C       F         F

As he knelt there at the feet of Christ

       C            C    F                 F

That shepherd boy received the light

F   C                  F          G

Of Christ into his life that night

G         F                       G

And he heard the angels sing

          F                      C

“Glory to the new born King

            Am  F         C              G

May His light always shine over you

Em       F     F      C             F   C

In your life, from tonight”    A-men

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