Photos – Hahn AB, Germany – 1989-1991 (Set Forty – “The Mother of all Parties – The Victory Party” – March 2, 1991)

Following the February 28, 1991, cease-fire that ended the military conflict during the Gulf War, the “363rd Wing Deployed” decided to have “The Mother of all Parties – The Victory Party – Take it to the Edge & Push it to the Brink.”  The date of “The Victory Party” was Saturday, March 2, 1991 – 6:30 PM – at the “Vipers Pit.”  The “Vipers Pit” was our deployed O’Club – and the only place on base where we were able to watch the live CNN broadcast of the Gulf War that we were participating in at the time.

The Unofficial/Official 10th TFS Historian, “Tags,” put together this picture frame from some of the mementos I sent him, along with photos that he already had.  We all signed “The Victory Party” poster around the margins during the party, and then color photocopies were given to each party participant afterwards.  A few members of the wing and VIPs weren’t available at the time to attend “The Victory Party,” so they signed the poster afterwards and additional copies were handed out to the party participants.  The final version of “The Victory Party” poster (color photocopy) is framed in Tags’ picture frame – but I’m only displaying a cropped version for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Photos – Hahn AB, Germany – 1989-1991 (Set Forty – “The Mother of all Parties – The Victory Party” – March 2, 1991)

  1. Mark, The picture of us in the bottom left in front of the F-16…Can I see a close-up of that. Always looking for pictures that I may be in…
    SSgt. Bob Routhier Jr.
    10th TFS/AMU
    Specialist Flight – 7 level

  2. Thanks for your question and for checking-in, Bob. I can’t enlarge that photo in the frame, but I know it’s of only the 10th TFS pilots and myself taken on the ramp during Desert Shield. I looked through my other photos and couldn’t find any that had the 10th maintenance folks in it, sorry. I’m sorry you’ve lost access to your previous photos, and I hope my pictures at least allow you to revisit our time in the desert, a long time ago in a place far, far away! Cheers! ☼ 🙂 Mark

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