Follow Me Now On Twitter!

You can now follow me – livelovethinkexist – on Twitter!  I’ve opened my Twitter account using as close to my blog name as possible, but the Twitter User Name address was three letters shorter…so on Twitter I am: livelovethinkex – which should work just fine.  I’ve waited to open my Twitter account until I had the concept down of what I wanted to be able to do with 140 characters or less, and my Twitter account will simply become an extension of much of what I discuss here on, “Life, Love and the Human Condition” – only shorter.

Once I finally finish the job of posting pictures here on the blog, I’ll return to posting my autobiography called, “In Search of the Meaning of Life” – as well as my adventure novel called, “Jonathan’s Dream” and the many other original songs and writings that I have written.  So until then, you can enjoy the writings that I’ve already posted here and follow along as I post photos of our family’s life in Europe and the U.K. – and follow me on Twitter as well!  🙂




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