Building Community (Part One) 10/04/11 through 10/08/11

I’ve compiled the timeline so far of my tweets on the topic of building community, in order to capture the thread of my thoughts! ūüôā Cheers, Mark @livelovethinkex

10/04/11 – If we can build a community of loving hearts on twitter…why can’t we extend that to the entire world? The only thing lacking is effort…

10/05/11 – How can we create an ideal community where everyone belongs and no one is left behind…yet maintain all the social freedoms we enjoy today?

10/05/11 –¬†I like to ponder things and find solutions to problems…no one should have to draw the short stick in a free, open and democratic society.

10/05/11 –¬†So tonight, I begin to consider ways to build a better world…within the context of a free and democratic society…where everyone wins…

10/05/11 –¬†My technique is to throw ideas on the table…as I’m inspired to think of them over time…removing them only once they’ve been ruled out…

10/05/11 –¬†Tonight I only consider a few points…my sense of community relates to cities, large or small…and change must be generated from within.

10/05/11 –¬†Government is the most inefficient and costly way to generate change…instead change must be cooperative and community based to be viable.

10/05/11 –¬†The entire community needs to buy into change and have skin in the game…rich and poor, young and old alike…to build a better community.

10/05/11 –¬†What does change look like? Change is defined by a community…by laying out a blueprint for everyone’s success within an ideal environment.

10/05/11 –¬†Imagine a city bidding for the Olympic Games…and instead turning the focus into building community…a framework for change, from within.

10/05/11 –¬†Next time I’ll consider the framework…a blueprint for making change happen…where everyone buys into a concept…so everyone is a winner.

10/07/11 –¬†To build community in an open and transparent process…everyone needs a seat at the table…to be represented and have their voice heard…

10/07/11 –¬†The process of building community…is by definition a validation of cooperation…of getting along with one another…so everyone wins…

10/07/11 –¬†Building community is actually creating an environment…like a marketplace…where everyone can go about the process of living together…

10/07/11 –¬†For community to work and gel…it has to be inclusive, organic, creative, beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, exhilarating, exciting and fun!

10/08/11 –¬†Building community is an investment in hearts, lives, hope, understanding, opportunity, potential, talent and love…for a better tomorrow!

10/08/11 –¬†A community is a bonding of hearts…through infrastructure, atmosphere, support, encouragement and opportunity…for everyone’s benefit…

10/08/11 –¬†I love the idea of community…because I’ve so rarely experienced it…only my Seattle years in ’77-79…gave me a feeling of belonging…

10/08/11 –¬†I’ve visited many of the world’s greatest cities…London, Paris, NYC…I’ve never been part of them, but felt a connection to all of them.

10/08/11 –¬†So in my ponderings…I hope to outline a concept of community…to help people feel they belong…wherever they find themselves in life…

10/08/11 – It’s been serendipity for me, to have found and enjoyed a sense of community through twitter and, my thanks to all of you! ūüôā Mark


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