Original Song – “Do You Wonder”

Do You Wonder symbolizes how I’ve always pondered life as far back as I can remember.  It’s a slow, short little song that’s probably best performed simply with a lone singer accompanied by a solo acoustic guitar.  It doesn’t require a big production – just a distant, dreamy and soft voice paired with the most stripped down accompaniment on guitar.  The intent is to simply reflect on life – years past, present and future – and the meaning of it all…”As the snow swirls around, Outside my window today, As I sit here watching the day, Do you think about life, Do you dream about love…”


I recorded “Do You Wonder” on Set 17 in 1997, and it’s a short, whimsical little daydream of a song about my thoughts about life, “On a cold winter’s day, As the snow swirls around, Outside my window today, As I sit here watching the day…” This was my second take after my voice cracked while trying to sing at the very top of my range on my first attempt! Enjoy! ♡ 🙂 Mark


I’ve already shared my version of “Do You Wonder” from Set 17 while playing the guitar, and now here’s the piano version from Set 18. On Sets 18 and 19 I tried experimenting for the first time playing the piano in the studio while singing a few of my songs, and it’s only appropriate with this song, as I originally wrote it on the piano ~ enjoy! ♡ 🙂 Mark


(Note: Emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide!)

"Do You Wonder" - "Listen To The Music", Collected Works Volume IV, Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Do You Wonder

“Listen To The Music”, Collected Works Volume IV, Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Verse One:

           Em               Bm

Do you wonder sometimes

           Em           Bm

Do you wonder at all

           Em               Bm

Do you wonder sometimes

          C                 D

At the meaning of it all

          C                 D

At the meaning of it all   (end)

            G                   Bm

I’m just wondering out loud

        Am              D

On a cold winter’s day

          Em                    D

As the snow swirls around

     C                        D

Outside my window today

       C                            D           (G  Em  Am  D)  x2

As I sit here watching the day

Verse Two:

           Em             Bm

Do you think about life

           Em               Bm

Do you dream about love

           Em              Bm

Do you ask yourself what

         C                 D

Is the meaning of it all

      C                 D

The meaning of it all

            G                Bm

I’m just thinking out loud

          Am   D

About life today

            Em                D

And the years that go by

          C                   D

As my life goes on its way

       C                            D           (G  Em  Am  D)  x2

As I sit here watching the day


7 thoughts on “Original Song – “Do You Wonder”

  1. Jade,

    I’ll hold you to your promise to not give up, and not give in, no matter what anyone says – you’ll beat this – and one day you’ll regain your health, strength and wellness again! ♥ The fact that you can play my songs in your mind is a gift that God’s given you for a purpose, and I pray it’s His purpose that you will one day sing my songs to His glory! 🙂

    Love in Christ, ♥


    • Mark,

      I am Russian. When I make a promise it is worth more than you could ever know. I DO NOT break a promise unless something happens that is completely out of my control.

      So, basically (without sounding like a Stalker) you are stuck with me until that day when we can sing & rejoice in Christ together. I know that day will come. Only God knows when it will be, I am fairly certain he is working out the plans for us as I type. 🙂

      God Bless you Mark.

      With Love in Christ,


  2. Jade,

    Thank you very much, Jade! My only expectation for you is for you rest up so you can quickly return to strength and wellness to lift your voice up to God in song! Once we reach that point every other detail will take care of itself! ♥

    Love in Christ,


    • Mark,

      I sing every day. I pray from my bed & then sing to God whatever pops into my brain. Yesterday evening, I was singing one of your songs Like I had been singing it forever. Keep in mind I only sang it in my head once & I am pretty sure I got every word right. 🙂

      I sang Mountain Starlight, I think the whole correlation between that song and the night on the mountain in the Joshua Tree National Monument with my husband is what caused me to remember it so easily.

      I am doing, well sort of, what the doctors have told me to do. The “Sort Of” is the “Stay in bed except for meals and bathroom”, I just cannot do that. I work with two Charities that help cancer victims & survivors. They need me, I am not going to just drop them. God put me in their lives for a reason & I will never let God down. At least not on purpose.

      As Always, Yours in Christ with Love ♥,

  3. Jade,

    Remember that before you can help out others, you need to take care of yourself – because without your health and vitality, you’re not able to help others. I’m thrilled you’re singing my songs and they give you delight – but sing them while resting in bed to regain your strength! One day you’ll put this setback behind you and then you can sing my songs anywhere you want! ♥ 🙂

    Blessings and love in Christ!


    • Mark,

      I do, sing them in my bed & in my head. That is why I said I have my own personal radio station in my brain.

      I am resting and trying my best to use a smartphone to get back to people.

      I am really bad at taking my own advice. After 20+yrs as a PA-C, ND & Midwife you would think that those words “If you don’t take care of yourself, how do you expect to help or take care of anyone else.”

      Someday, I want to sing your songs with you. 🙂 I pray that God will help that to happen.

      You & your wife have been a blessing in my life, one that does not go unrecognized. I pray for you daily.

      With Love in Christ,

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