Original Song – “Looking For The Sun”

Looking For The Sun is a little song about how short, fragile and precious life is – and how we often take so much of it for granted as we go through our daily routines.  The truth is, time has its own schedule and doesn’t make adjustments based on our hopes and dreams; and one day we may wake up only to find that we’ve become the masters of our daily schedules without giving ourselves permission to chase our heart’s desires that we’ve held so closely to throughout the years.  The song encourages us to “dream the dreams we used to do…walk again on mountain tops…take the time for quiet walks…laugh and cry and sing” – and then the song suddenly ends – emphasizing how very short and precious life really is.


“Looking For The Sun” is a little introspective song that I recorded on Set 6 in 1996 that turned out pretty well on the second take, so I’ll share it with you ~ enjoy! ♡ 🙂 Mark


As with all of my early songs during which I worked with my friend Gordon Olvera, I’ve shared the copyright with him for trying to give voice to my songs.  Also, emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide.  I encourage you to chase your dreams without delay, so when it’s all said and done with at the very end, you’ll have walked on mountain tops, taken quiet walks and laughed, cried and sung – and lived life to the absolute fullest!  Enjoy!

"Looking For The Sun" - "Early Works - The Start Of A Dream", Collected Workss Volume XI, Copyright 1990, Mark D. Jones/Gordon A. Olvera, All Rights Reserved

Looking For The Sun

Early Works – The Start Of A Dream, Collected Works Volume XI, Copyright 1990, Mark D. Jones/Gordon A. Olvera, All Rights Reserved

C                     F

Looking for the sun to shine

         C                 F

When rain is falling all around

  F                    G

I wonder how it could have been


If I would have…

C                           F

Done the things I’d wanted to

       C                              F

And dreamed the dreams I used to do

  F                         G

I sometimes think I should


Go on and try to…

G                   C

Walk again on mountain tops

      G                       C

And take the time for quiet walks

     Am                     D

I’d laugh and cry and sing…

G                           C

Sometimes life goes by too fast

  G                         C

I think that time will always last

        Am                  D

But I never know for sure.

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