Original Song – “Love Again”

Love Again is a slow, tender, thoughtful, pensive, melancholy, bluesy sort of song pondering lost love and questioning whether love will ever find a way back to your heart again.  At the same time, this song is a dialogue between the singer and an ‘unseen’ second person, so the listener doesn’t really know if the singer is contemplating their own situation out loud to no one in particular, or if the singer is trying to comfort another.  Comforting another person’s heart in their hour of need is one of the most tender and thoughtful of human emotions – after all, emotion is the very basis and foundation of both new and rekindled love.  “Can you ever love again, Once your love is gone, Can you ever love again, With a broken heart…”

As with all of my early songs during which I worked with my friend Gordon Olvera, I’ve shared the copyright with him for trying to give voice to my songs.  Also, emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide.

Love Again - "Turn To Face The Music", Collected Works Volume II, Copyright 1990, Gordon Olvera/Mark Jones, All Rights Reserved

Love Again

“Turn To Face The Music”, Collected Works Volume II, Copyright 1990, Gordon Olvera/Mark Jones, All Rights Reserved

Verse One:

G          D            Bm

Can you ever love again

               A        G

Once your love is gone

             A           G

Can you ever love again

                     D        (End)

With a broken heart

             Bm                    A

If you’re looking for some comfort

             Bm              G

If you’re looking for a shoulder

                    A        G

Come on and cry on me

             A        G    A        G

Oh baby cry on me, Cry on me

             A        G

Oh baby cry on me

Verse II:

             D           Bm

Can you ever love again

                  A            G

Once you’ve lost your love

             A           G

Can you ever love again


Once love’s grown apart

             Bm           A

If you’ve ever lost a love

          Bm                   G

If your love was turned away

                      A          G

You know that love can hurt

             A          G      A           G

Oh baby love can hurt, Love can hurt

             A          G

Oh baby love can hurt

Verse Three:

            D           Bm

Will the sun ever shine

                A          G

Once your love has gone

            A                G

Will you ever see the sun


Shine on in your life

             Bm               A

If you’re running from trouble

             Bm                    G

If you’re looking for some shelter

             A         G

You can lean on me

             A         G

Oh baby lean on me

             A         G

Oh baby lean on me

             A         G     (Return to the beginning)

Oh baby lean on me


9 thoughts on “Original Song – “Love Again”

  1. Mark, This song is another beautiful testament to your talents and will also be playing on WMDJ.

    It is a very ‘true’ song, you can feel the loss in the song. However, as you have said as the listener “This song is a dialogue between the singer and an ‘unseen’ second person, so the listener doesn’t really know if the singer is contemplating their own situation out loud to no one in particular or if the singer is trying to comfort another.” I see it as both truly. Each person can take any song, just pick one from WMDJ’s huge collection and it will resonate differently with every individual.

    That is the beauty of music. All who hear it can apply it either to themselves, someone they know or a general situation/population.

    God Bless you Mark for another addition to WMDJ!

    With love in Christ,

  2. Jade,

    You’re right, for music to connect with an audience it has to be uniquely personal and relate to their individual experience – in a sense they have to take ‘ownership’ of the lyrics and music. I’m glad it connected with you Jade and I’m glad you enjoy listening to WMDJ!

    Cheers & love in Christ,


    • Hi Mark,

      I am back in the hospital for now. WMDJ is keeping me in great music as I am not allowed to play my music on my phone (I might bother others) as most of it is Christian Music.

      You, your music, and God will get me through this time in here. I know this for certain. Anything/anyone placed in his all loving/healing hands is cared for. I may be a while in answering mails and catching up on new songs for WMDJ as these smartphones are not so smart on energy efficiency. LOL

      God Bless You!

      Love in Christ,


  3. Jade,

    To be of assistance to you and help you keep a positive outlook during your time of need is the highest calling I could ask for of my songs! Blessings always for your complete recovery!

    Love and prayers for you, Jade, in Christ!


    • Mark,

      If it were not for WMDJ I don’t know how I would keep my sanity as I am in a private room and my only contact with others is the nurses and doctors. My hubby & son do come to see me but the visiting hours are short.

      I will email you all that is going on as I would rather not post it all here.

      God bless you for your music and the help it is giving me emotionally.

      With love in Christ always and all ways,


  4. Jade,

    My prayers go out to you for your healing and recovery – and to regain your strength, wellness and health! ♥ Thank you so much for your touching email that I’ve since replied to and I appreciate the fact that my songs have brought you so much encouragement in your hour of need – and I’m honored to be a part of your journey! ♥

    God has given you your talent and gift of song for a reason, Jade – and I pray that it remains within His will for you to recover completely and sing His praises!

    I pray for your strength, wellness and healing, Jade – and may God bless you and your family through His amazing grace! ♥

    Love Always in Christ!


    • Mark,

      I am trying to type this response through tear filled eyes, not really knowing how to express how much your friendship & prayers mean to me.

      I know that you & I will meet one day if it is God’s will that it is in this lifetime that will be a glorious day, if it is once we have gone to rejoice in Heaven that will also be a glorious day. I am fighting with all that I have to recover.

      I am working on the idea of making Cd’s of your songs as I hear them on WMDJ, we will see how that turns out. As for right now I am concentrating on healing as well as praying a lot.

      I keep you & yours in my prayers daily and know whatever God’s will is it will be for the best in His eyes.

      With Love from your Sister in Christ,


  5. Jade,

    I’m honored to be an encouragement to you and overwhelmed that my songs bring you so much joy and courage to recover from all your many trials – including your latest you’ve emailed me about. Doing anything for me should be your last priority – healing and recovering is all you should be focused on at the moment!

    Of course, if someone tapes you while singing my songs on WMDJ and they make a CD out of it I would be honored – but only if your focus is on gaining strength, wellness and healing!

    Don’t exert yourself to do anything but sing – you’ll need your strength to be able to leave the hospital and continue your long recovery process at home…so sing to your heart’s content! ♥ 🙂

    Love and blessings in Christ!


    • ♥ Mark,

      I AM HOME!!! Hallelujah!

      They brought me home this morning in an ambulance. Hey it was probably a much more comfortable ride than any car.

      I am on strict restrictions that limit my ability to have much personal space. Thank God I have a wonderful LPN who is a Christian watching over me.

      At the end of the week I will be getting a pain pump so that I am not in as much pain.

      Thankfully, what I told you about in the email is not going to harm me as long as I listen. So, I am listening. 🙂

      I am spending a lot of time resting and just listening to WMDJ. It is both soothing and uplifting at the same time.

      I thank God for our paths crossing, I know our friendship was meant to be and I thank you for all of the reading in my email. I know that, that will get me through too.

      With Love in Christ,


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