Original Song – “Children Of Woodstock”

Children Of Woodstock is a song I wrote in 1990 – 21 years after the historic music festival of ‘Peace & Love’ in 1969.  I was only 13 at the time and remember the controversy surrounding the event, music and counterculture movement of the day.  I grew up in this turbulent time of transition during the 60s – as the Vietnam War protests, Civil Rights movement, Women’s Liberation Movement and cultural and musical revolutions first rocked the establishment’s status quo.  It was a time of upheaval that tore the social fabric of the day and ultimately led to a more just society for everyone.  In many respects, I am a Child of Woodstock having lived through those times and embraced the positive social changes that the 60s brought to our society and to the world, “So very long ago, But that love still rolls on, In the heart of a rock and roll child, In the heart of a rock and roll child.”

As with all of my early songs during which I worked with my friend Gordon Olvera, I’ve shared the copyright with him for trying to give voice to my songs.  Also, emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide.

"Children Of Woodstock" - "Turn To Face The Music" - Collected Works Volume II, Copyright 1990, Gordon Olvera/Mark Jones, All Rights Reserved

Children Of Woodstock

“Turn To Face The Music” – Collected Works Volume II, Copyright 1990, Gordon Olvera/Mark Jones, All Rights Reserved

Verse One:

               G                   C

They were coming by the thousands

         G           C

To be part of a dream

            G                     C

Hitching rides from most everywhere

    G                                  D

In nothing but their old blue jeans

            G                        C

It was a time of peace and love

        G                   C

With flowers in their hair

              G                C

Choosing to live a different life

    G                          D

In blue jeans and long hair

          G                      F

Where are all the flower children

          C                 G

Where have they all gone

              Em               Am

From the days of Woodstock

               F                 C

I can hear them in their songs     (x2)

           Em             C

Oh children of Woodstock

          Em             D

Where have you all gone

             Em       D

Country Joe and Jimmy

           C                       D

We will always remember you

              Em                         C

From the days that were Woodstock

            Am  F

So very long ago

             F                    C

But that dream still rolls on

         C             Am              B♭

In the heart of a rock and roll child

         C             Am              B♭

In the heart of a rock and roll child

Verse Two:

                G                     C

They came together in New York

      G                                C

For three days of peace and love

          G                       C

It was nineteen hundred sixty nine

                  G            D

There was a war in Vietnam

                      G                      C

Three hundred thousand people gathered

       G                             C

On a farm they called Woodstock

            G                 C

And the music played on and on

        G                            D

With peace and love in the air

      G                     F

But time has carried on

        C                   G

Woodstock is now a dream

            Em         Am

And the music of today

    F               C

Is made for MTV     (x2)

          Em              C

Oh children of Woodstock

          Em             D

Where have you all gone

         Em                 D

Janice sang the blues for us

            C                                         D

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young rocked on

               Em                         C

For those days that were Woodstock

     Am         F

So very long ago

             F                 C

But that love still rolls on

         C             Am              B♭

In the heart of a rock and roll child

         C             Am              B♭      F

In the heart of a rock and roll child


4 thoughts on “Original Song – “Children Of Woodstock”

  1. Mark,
    I am a Child of Rock and Roll. I never got to Woodstock as I was far too young, but “I remember Vietnam and the horrors that it brought. At a friends home one day when a man in a Military Uniform knocked upon the door.
    I was to young to understand why her mother hit the floor. You see she had a brother, drafted to go to Nam. I guess no one realized that it would be a box that brought him home.”
    Anyway, I can relate to that time period so very well. I remember the chants of “Mothers don’t hesitate, send your boys off before it’s too late.” of “Fathers be the first on your block to see your son come home in a box.”

    I am still a flower child at heart, I may not have understood politics or war. But, I now understood death and loss. She & I wept with her mother and my heart ached for them as I knew none of us would see Eric again.

    You truly pulled my heartstrings with this one but it is going to be playing on WMDJ anyway, sometimes tears are healing.

    God Bless, with love in Christ,

  2. Jade,

    My most entrenched memory of those times was of watching the Vietnam War play out every night after school on the NBC Nightly News that my father always watched. It just seemed so surreal to sit in our family room and watch a war being conducted on TV.

    I choose not to focus on the dark times of those days but to look at the positive outcomes that resulted from them: civil rights, racial equality, gender equality and the end of the draft. I had a draft card but the draft ended before my number was called. Today we have the all volunteer force and as a Persian Gulf War Veteran myself, sometimes war is a necessary evil, but should always be used only as a last resort. I pray our children will live in a peaceful world, free of war and violence.

    Today, society isn’t perfect and has a long way to go to remove all prejudice and bias, but we’ve made important progress since the 60’s ~ and kept the music and the vibe that went with it!

    ‘Peace & Love’ to you, Jade!


    • Mark,

      It is odd as you brought back a memory with what you said about the NBC Nightly News. My father also watched NBC for news. It brought back a vague memory of seeing the horrors on TV and when they would start to talk about the war my Dad would ask all 4 of us to go on down to the game room as he didn’t want us to see how horrific war was. I am the eldest of 4.

      I am so grateful that your number was never called for Vietnam. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving in our US Military, as if it were not for people like you I wouldn’t have what freedoms we have left.

      I lost my an ex to Gulf War Syndrome, we were exes before he got too bad. His brain went haywire and he just became a string of flashbacks and violence. He passed away from it 4yrs ago, in my opinion after speaking before Congress on his behalf as well as other Vet’s who got sick I am happy for him as he is no longer suffering.

      We pray the same prayers you & I, I happen to pray that my grandson will live in a world, free of war and violence. Unfortunately, my son is 23 and has witnessed the horrors of war already. Perhaps one day music will truly bring the world together and there will be peace on earth.

      ‘Peace & Love’ to you too, Mark!

      God bless you as well,


  3. Jade,

    I, too, pray that music will help bring peace and love to the world instead of violence and war. Most of my service was in Europe directly before and after the Cold War ended peacefully – which was a relief to everyone. Europe and much of the world now lives in peace, prosperity and unity – and I pray that same peace, prosperity and unity will soon extend to the rest of the world where violence continues to be an unfortunate fact of daily life.

    Love in Christ for your continued healing!


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