Original Song – “Heart and Soul”

Heart and Soul is one of the many love songs I’ve written in an attempt to capture the essence of what love is all about.  Love is such a complex and all-consuming topic, yet at the same time very basic and elemental.  Love ranges from God’s love for us, to romantic love between two hearts, to love for one’s fellow man.  Rarely has such a simple word been used to describe such a wide range and scope of activities.  I wrote this song after four lines popped into my head – “If I could fly, High in the sky with, Birds on a wing, Flying so high…” and it continues in a single verse with the lines, “…If I could sing, Songs from the heavens, I’d sing for you, A simple love song…”


Heart and Soul is another song from Set 15, and is a short, soft and tender little love song. I recorded this song three times in total, with the first two accompanied with my guitar, and on the third take I decided to try and do it a cappella. I decided to post the a cappella version, as for the most part it worked ~ despite a couple of octave transitions that were a little bit rough ~ but the song’s melody is clear enough! Enjoy! ♡ 🙂 Mark


(Note: Emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide!)

"Heart and Soul" - "Listen To The Music", Collected Works Volume IV, Mark D. Jones, Copyright 1991, All Rights Reserved

Heart and Soul

“Listen To The Music”, Collected Works Volume IV, Mark D. Jones, Copyright 1991, All Rights Reserved

Dsus4   D   Dsus4   D

Dsus4    G

If I could fly

Dsus4       G

High in the sky with

Csus4       F

Birds on a wing

Csus4      F

Flying so high

Dsus4    G

If I could sing

Dsus4              G

Songs from the heavens

Csus4        F

I’d sing for you

Csus4    F     G

A simple love song

  F      G           D

A love song for you     (End)

Gsus4    C

If I could love

Gsus4       C

You in this moment

Fsus4       B♭

I’d cherish you

      Fsus4     B♭

And hold you forever

Gsus 4       C

If you were here

Gsus4      C

Sitting beside me

Fsus4       B♭

I’d give to you

     Fsus4      B♭ C

My heart and my soul

     B♭           C        G

My heart and soul to you

B♭   F   Esus4   E

Dsus4   D   Dsus4   D

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