Original Song – “Workin’ Man”

Workin’ Man is a bluesy sort of song that tells the story of  a young man who took on the responsibility of helping his mama provide for their family after his father passed away before he was nine years old. He became the ‘man of the family’ at an early age and was always there to lend her a hand.  As he grew up, not only did he learn the value of work and responsibility – he learned from his mother’s example that material goods and possessions weren’t the important aspects of life: “My mama she raised me the best she could, She gave us a roof and we had enough food, We didn’t have much when I was a boy, But she gave us love and filled our home with joy.”


I recorded “Workin’ Man” in one take as part of Set 4 playing my 12-string acoustic Ovation guitar ~ and it turned out as best as this songwriter could ever hope to expect! 🙂 This song tells the fictional story of a son who has to step up and help his mother support their family…and becomes a workin’ man! Enjoy! ♡ 🙂 Mark


(Note: Emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide!)

Workin' Man, Pg 1 - "Take It To The People", Collected Works Volume XIV, Copyright 1993, Mark D. Jones, All Rights ReservedWorkin' Man, Pg 2 - "Take It To The People", Collected Works Volume XIV, Copyright 1993, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Workin’ Man

“Take It To The People”, Collected Works Volume XIV, Copyright 1993, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved


E   G   E   G   D   E     (x2)

G   D   E     (x2)

Verse One:

     E                                 D         E

My mama she knew I was a workin’ man

G                                  D                E

Workin’ every day by the sweat of my hands

E                        D             E

Up in the mornin’ before the dawn

G                              D             E

Workin’ for a livin’ the whole day long     (x2)

     E                                  D       E

My papa passed away before I was nine

     G                                    D    E

My mama had to start workin’ overtime

        E                                 D    E

Then I became the man of the family

       G                                  D                 E

And went to work ’cause they depended on me     (x2)


      E                      G         E

I’ve lived the life of a workin’ man

       E                                   G        E

Ever since I was old enough to lend a hand

     E                        G                 E

My mama she always depended on me

     G                                 D   E

To help her take care of the family     (x3)


E   G   E   G   D   E     (x2)

G   D   E     (x2)

Verse Two:

     E                                 D            E

My mama she raised me the best she could

       G                              D               E

She gave us a roof and we had enough food

      E                               D         E

We didn’t have much when I was a boy

            G                                   D              E

But she gave us love and filled our home with joy     (x2)

     E                                               D           E

My mama always knew that she could count on me

                    G                                  D   E

And I’ve been workin’ all my life for our family

      E                               D              E

We never had anything we didn’t work for

        G                                              D       E

And I always helped my mama give our family more     (x2)

Verse Three:

            E                                     D         E

Now my mama spends her time in a rockin’ chair

             G                             D          E

With her grandchildren and the love we share

       E                                        D         E

She tells them that their papa is a workin’ man

        G                                 D                E

Who worked every day by the sweat of his hands     (x2)

            E                          D         E

Now I’m lookin’ back on the life I’ve lived

         G                        D            E

Just a workin’ man givin’ all I could give

     E                           D             E

I’d never ever change a day of my life

        G                                  D                 E

But I wish my papa could have shared in my life     (x2)



4 thoughts on “Original Song – “Workin’ Man”

  1. Dear Mark,

    I am so sorry I haven’t gotten back to you about this song as it has been playing on WMDJ for quite a few days now.

    It is so wonderful as you brought back memories of my time with my Baba & Dzi Dzi every summer. My Dzi Dzi worked painting houses inside and out, Wall papering, roofing and anything else that others needed for a very minimal fee. We had our vegetable garden, several Laying hens in coops in the garage and they were brought into the home when winter hit so they would be safe.

    My Baba & Dzi Dzi (I suppose I should explain the names, they are the familiar forms for Grandma and Grandpa in Russian. I have spelled them phonetically.) were never wealthy people, however I never thought of them as poor. We had so much love, joy and Faith in The Lord in that house that I didn’t think anything of the fact that we has birds kept for eating and they were slaughtered in the basement on a Tree Stump that was in the basement, long dead but just the right size for a chopping block so we could have chicken for dinner.

    I am typing through tear filled eyes as my Dzi Dzi had to stop doing what he loved as he had a stroke while painting the outside of a 2 story home and fell from the top of the ladder. His painting days were over. We moved them both into our home and it wasn’t long after that my Dzi Dzi got pheumonia and had to go to the hospital for treatment at the VA as he was a WWII Vet, we lost him after a visit when my Mom and I went to see him. The nurse that was assigned to him stated that he was talking to people she couldn’t see. So, Mom & I both told him we loved him and that it was okay to go to see Jesus. We just got through the door, the VA was 5mins by car from our home, the phone was ringing and it was the VA. Apparently my Dzi Dzi passed away as we were headed down the elevators. My Baba had dementia and aphasia and was bedridden throughout the last 10 years of her life. After 10yrs of caring for her she finally went to be with her “Buddy”, that is what she used to call my Dzi Dzi, so I understand this song so very well. All I can say is God Bless You with love from a Sister in Christ. 🙂

    • Jade,

      I’m so touched that this song reminded you of such tender memories of your grandparents and how appropriate to honor them on Memorial Day! ♥ The sweetest stories are about when the angels come to escort a loved one home to Heaven, and our promise is that when our day finally arrives, we’ll be escorted home by angels, too! ♥

      Love in Christ!


      • Mark,

        This may post twice and if it does I am so very sorry.

        I agree completely that Angels come to lead our loved ones into Heaven when they fall asleep in the Lord. I pray that one day an Angel will come for me if I am found worthy of going to Heaven/Home.

        There is a song that I would like you to hear that talks about this very thing:

        I hope you like it.

        With love in Christ,


  2. Jade,

    Thank you so much for your sweet thoughts and for this song about angels leading us home! At the end of our journey and this adventure we call life, the sweetest outcome our hearts could ever hope for would be to be escorted home to Heaven by angels! May we all find ourselves so fortunate when our time arrives! ♥ 🙂

    Love in Christ!


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