Original Song – “A Little Time”

A Little Time is a very slow, pensive, heartfelt and melancholy little song that focuses on the singer’s emotion and their plea for ‘just a little time’ from someone who’s too busy to even notice them.  The saddest aspect is when the person on the outside looking in is a child or a spouse that longs to spend quality time with a parent, husband or wife.  No matter how busy someone is, they will make the time to include those who really matter to them.  For time really is our most precious and valuable gift – both to use and to share – because we never know how much we have available…for when time runs out, nothing else really matters.  “Do you have a little time, Can you spare a little time, Make a little time for me…”


I recorded “A Little Time” on Set 16 in 1997, and it tells the story of how we all need to “take a little time” and share ourselves with the people in our lives that we love and care about ~ enjoy! ♡ 🙂 Mark


As with all of my early songs during which I worked with my friend Gordon Olvera, I’ve shared the copyright with him for trying to give voice to my songs.  Also, emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide.

"A Little Time" - "Turn To Face The Music", Collective Works Volume II, Copyright 1990, Gordon Olvera/Mark Jones, All Rights Reserved

A Little Time

“Turn To Face The Music”, Collected Works Volume II, Copyright 1990, Gordon Olvera/Mark Jones, All Rights Reserved

Verse One:

C         G

Do you have a little time


Can you spare a little time

C                            F

Make a little time, for me


You’re always on the run


Going everywhere


How am I to know

        F            G

That you even care

        F            G           F

That you even care, for me


  G                               Dm

I need you, need you to need me

  G                               F

I want you, want you to want me

            C                   Gm

But you don’t take the time

       Gm                Dm       B♭       G

You don’t take the time for me, for me

G       C          F

Never take the time

         F                       B♭       Gm       C

Never take the time for me, for me, for me

Verse Two:

C             G

You don’t even seem to care


Don’t ever seem to care

C                                F

Never seem to care, for me


You think only of yourself


Only for you


What am I to do

                   F               G

When you’re never even there

                   F               C            F

When you’re never even there, for me

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