Original Song – “The World Gently Weeps”

The World Gently Weeps is a tender and heartfelt song that portrays a world weeping in the darkness over concerns for its suffering people, reminding us that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper.  The song references, “Cries in the darkness, Echoes on the streets, A cold wind is blowin’, The chill runs deep, Children goin’ hungry, People livin’ on the street” as a few of the representative ills that the world weeps over that cry out for warmth, light and love for all people, everywhere.  The singer then turns to us, both individually and collectively to plead, “We have to come together, Holding hands in the street, You and I together, United we can defeat, The darkness all around us, And take back the streets, With love for each other, As the world gently weeps…”


I recorded my original song “The World Gently Weeps” on Set One in 1996, and it speaks of being our brother’s and sister’s keeper to help turn back the darkness and spread light in the world. I missed the first note of the Emin9 chord at the beginning of the song’s lyrics, but it does get better from there ~ enjoy! ♡ 🙂 Mark


(Note: The chord Fmaj13* is a variation of the standard guitar chord and is drawn out on the scanned lyric sheet.  Emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide!)

"The World Gently Weeps" - "Pages of Life", Collected Works Volume XII, Copyright 1992, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

The World Gently Weeps

“Pages of Life” – Collected Works Volume XII, Copyright 1992, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved


Fmaj13*   A   Emin9   A     (x2)

Emin9   A     (x2)

Verse One:

Emin9   A

Look all around you

      Emin9          A

The world gently weeps

Emin9         A

Cries in the darkness

Emin9            A

Echoes on the streets

   F               C

A cold wind is blowin’

      F           C

The chill runs deep

F                  C

Children goin’ hungry

          F                C

People livin’ on the street

G          D

Can you hear them

      G                   D

The cries from the street

G          D

Look all around you

      G                 D

The world gently weeps     (x3)     (End)


     A                        G

We are our brother’s keeper

     D                          A

We have to spread the light

     A                     G

We are our sister’s keeper

     D                             A

We have to make things right

        A                G

Take care of each other

      D                         A

And help turn back the night

   G   D             A

If we don’t who will     (x4)

Verse Two:

    Emin9        A

We all have a mission

     Emin9            A

For each of us to keep

    Emin9                        A

To care for those around us

              Emin9          A

While the world gently weeps

     F                   C

We have to come together

           F                 C

Holding hands in the street

F            C

You and I together

F                   C

United we can defeat

      G                D

The darkness all around us

      G                   D

And take back the streets

       G                  D

With love for each other

          G                 D

As the world gently weeps     (x3)     (Chorus, back to start to finish)

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