Original Song – “Open Your Heart”

Open Your Heart is a soft, gentle and rhythmic song about the nature, essence and wonder of love.  There’s a permeable and diffusive nature about love that allows it to pass into every heart and soul in the world – requiring only an invitation to welcome it in.  A decision to love, while personal, has a far-reaching effect on not only your own life, but also on the world around you.  The nature of love is to be given away, and the essence of that gift multiplies exponentially through other hearts in like manner – flowing like a never-ending river.  Yet, in giving love away, it returns to the giver in greater portions than when first given.  The wonder of love is in its strength and power for something without form or substance, yet in our world nothing holds a greater strength, power or transformative ability – because love is supernatural and divine in nature. For love can pierce the darkest nights, soften the hardest hearts, bring together and mend what was torn apart, and heal what was broken and ailing.  In love, there are no litmus tests, barriers to entrance, degree requirements, examinations, side-by-side comparisons, levels of ability or any previous experience required at all. In fact, love is open to all who choose to love without exception – all that’s needed is a willing desire and the decision to say yes to love, “If you just open up your heart, It will lead, You to people, All around you, Who need the love you hold, If you share it, With each other, You will find it always grows…”


I recorded my original song “Open Your Heart” as a demo on Set 14 in 1997, and it speaks to opening your heart and sharing your love with the world, “Open your heart, to the world, And your love, will always grow, And you will always know, That you are loved…” Enjoy! ♡ 🙂 Mark


(Emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide!)

"Open Your Heart" (1 of 2) - "In The Name Of The Father", Collected Works Volume XV, Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved"Open Your Heart" (2 of 2) - "In The Name Of The Father", Collected Works Volume XV, Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Open Your Heart

“In The Name Of The Father”, Collected Works Volume XV, Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved

Verse One:

       C                             Am

Look around you, can you feel it

         G                F

All the love in your life

          C                   Am

All you have to, do is open

            G                    F

Up your heart and let it in

               C                  F

There are people, all around you

       Dm                     C

Who hold the love you need

         G             Am       G

If you just open up your heart

Em    F

It will lead

          C                   Am

You to people, all around you

       G                         F

Who need the love you hold

         C                         Am

If you share it, with each other

           G                  F

You will find it always grows

     C                       F

For love, has no boundaries

   Dm                C

It crosses every line

         G                  Am           G

In the world we are brothers in love

Em        F

You and I

(Note – substitute ‘sisters’ or ‘a family’ above for ‘brothers’ as desired by the vocalist)


F              C        C     F

Open your heart, to a world

F                G      Em         F

Where your love, needs to go

F        C    C         F

If you do, you will find

F             C               G

That your love always grows

Em       Am      F        G

Always grows, always grows

G              F        F        G

Open your heart, to the world

G           C            C        Am

And your love, will always grow

                  F        G

And you will always know


That you are loved

Verse Two:

             C                  Am

Take the time to, look around you

       G                              F

At a world that needs your love

          C                         Am

People need to, share the love

             G                 F

That you hold in your heart

           C                    F

For the people, of the world

      Dm                    C

Are just like you and me

     G          Am           G

We all need love to survive

Em     F

In this world

    C                          Am

So believe me, when I tell you

          G                  F

All you need to do is love

         C                    Am

All the people, in the world

              G                     F

That you see from day to day

           C                   F

For the love, you hold inside

   Dm                      C

Is all the world really needs

         G            Am           G

If you give your love, it will grow

Em     F

Every day

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