Original Song – “The Lord’s Prayer” (Melody Only)

The Lord’s Prayer is the most precious and powerful prayer of the Bible for Christians, as we take to heart the words Jesus first taught us to pray.  As my songwriting was the result of answered prayer to my heart’s desire to write songs, many of the songs I’ve written reflect both my faith and this blessing given to me that I share with you.  I attempted, in adapting a melody to Christ’s words, to reflect the nature of my own heart – and to this day, even when saying or reading The Lord’s Prayer silently to myself – it is this melody that I hear inside me. The melody is simple and peaceful, gently ebbing and flowing through most of the song, until rising higher towards the last four lines of one of the traditional endings that I’ve included as part of the song’s lyrics.  “Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, On Earth, as it is in Heaven…”


I recorded this song in my very first set of songs I recorded in the mid-1990’s, and struggled with trying to do justice to the song I had written based on the fact that I wasn’t a singer or a performer – and was very nervous trying to sing my songs in front of a single recording engineer – but I wanted to at least give folks an idea of how the melody goes. While my singing is poor in quality and mostly off key, it is a reflection of both my heart and the melody, after all, these songs of mine are not about me.  These songs I’ve written, all 200+, are a reflection of God’s blessing given to me in the moment of my prayer – to His glory alone, are these songs He first gave to me! Enjoy! ♡ 🙂 Mark


(Note: Emailed versions of these songs lose their chord alignment and formatting, so refer to the original post and/or the scanned lyric sheet as your guide!)

The Lord's Prayer - "Christmas 1991", Collected Works Volume VIII, Music Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved (Musical)

The Lord’s Prayer

“Christmas 1991”, Collected Works Volume VIII, Music Copyright 1991, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved (Musical)

F     C                G      F

Our Father, who art in Heaven

F            C        G

Hallowed be thy name


Thy kingdom come

       F        G

Thy will be done

     C                     G

On Earth, as it is in Heaven


Give us this day


Our daily bread

       F                    C         G

And forgive us our trespasses

         F                          C            G

As we forgive those who trespass against us


And lead us not into temptation


But deliver us from evil

      G              F

For thine is the kingdom


And the power


And the glory



F    C


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